Other Scholarships

Please note that the below listed scholarships are offered by companies and organisations outside of the University of New England. The Scholarships, Prizes and Awards team does not accept applications and are not responsible for the selection or distribution of these scholarships.

All students

ScholarshipWho can apply?AmountApplicationClosing Date
JB Fairfax Award for Rural and Regional JournalismAll students$10,000

600 word report in any formatTBA

1st Gallery Annual Art and Design Scholarship

All students$1,000

Application form

An artwork that you have created (design, drawing, film, poem etc) that you are proud of

31st May annually
Annual Oberlo Students ContestAll students1st place: $3,000

2nd place: $1,500

3rd place: $500
750 - 1,000 word essay31st October
HealthDiseases.org Scholarship Program 2018All students$1,5001,000 word essay1st November 2018
CISAustralia Travel Scholarship: London All students$500Application form19th November 2018 

World Vision Scholarship

All students$1,000500 word essay19th November 2018
TopVPNChoice Scholarship ProgramAll students$500500-800 word essay30th November 2018

RRD Safe Driving Scholarship

All students$1,500Application form10th December annually
Motorhome Republic Australia Student ScholarshipAll students$2,5001,000 word thought piece31st January 2019
GDPR ScholarshipAll studentsFree Data Safety course offered to 10 students1,000 word essay15th June 2019
The Global Mobility Immigration Lawyers ScholarshipAll students$500

an additional $500 donation
Respond to the topic "Discuss a time when you felt xenophobic and how you have since evolved"1st October 2019


ScholarshipWho can apply?AmountApplicationClosing Date
The Sparesbox Scholarship

Full-time or Part-time student majoring in:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Commerce

6 week paid internship
2,000 word essayTBC
Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships Program

Undergraduate and Postgraduate students undertaking a STEM course, which includes the areas of:

  • Natural or Physical Science
  • Information Technology
  • Engeneering and Related Technologies
  • Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies
  • Health (except Complimentary Therapies)
Up to $18,000ApplicationTBC

Digilari Media Scholarship for Growth Through Knowledge

Full-time students who are Australian citizens or Permanent Residents over 18 years of age and in 2nd year of marketing or business degree.

$3,0001-2 page digital marketing summary

Statement on how Attribution Modelling works in property development

Express your opinion on which brand is delivering great marketing right now

Copy of transcript
31st August annually
Russel Harland Memorial Scholarship

Tertiary students located in rural or regional areas in the final year of study in the areas of:

  • Agriculture
  • Vet Science
  • Natural Resource Management
  • related area

Four (4) weeks paid work

One (1) year guaranteed field officer position - approx $55,864 p/a
Application form26th October 2018
AIEF-BHP Tertiary Scholarship

Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students studying a tertiary course in:

  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Other approved courses
Cost of accommodation up to $22,000pa

A living allowance of $6,000pa

A stipend of $2,000pa for textbooks and other educational expenses
Application28th October 2018

Australian Seniors Aged Care Futures Grant

Full-time students who are an Australian citizen or permanent resident and over 18 years of age, studying in the areas of:

  • Aged Care
  • Aged Care Nursing
  • Dementia Care
  • Disabilities Care
$5,000500 word essay31st October 2018

RSPCA Pet Insurance Future Animal Carer's Grant

Australian citizens or permanent residents over 18 years of age studying in the areas of:

  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Veterinary Science
  • Veterinary & Life Sciences
  • Animal Care
  • Veterinary Nursing
  • Animal Studies
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Veterinary Technology
$5,000500 word essay31st October 2018
Real Futures Grant

Australian citizens or permanent residents over 18 years of age studying full-time in undergraduate courses relating to:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Medicine
  • Healthcare
  • Specialist Healthcare
$5,000700 word essay 31st October 2018
SeekVisa Law ScholarshipAll law students$1,500Recent academic transcript

Professional experience

Academic references

30th November 2018
APEX Scholarship

Full-time student studying at a tertiary institution in the following courses:

  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Digital Design
  • e-business related field
$1,500700 word essay

150 words on how this scholarship will help your career

31st December 2018

JP Office Workstations eCommerce and Marketing Scholarship

Full-time undergraduate students studying in the areas of commerce and marketing aged 18-25 years.

$1,500 and mentoring opportunityRecent academic transcript

700 word essay

Cover letter
31st December 2018
More Telecom ScholarshipNew and existing students undertaking a marketing course.$1,0001,000 word essay1st May 2019
GlobalVision Packaging, Print and Graphic Design Scholarship ProgramUndergraduates studying in a field relating to the packaging, print and graphic design industry.$1,000500 word essay1st June 2019

PhD and Research Students

ScholarshipWho can apply?AmountApplicationClosing Date

The Capstone Editing Early Career Academic Research Grant for Women

Female research students who are entering into their early career as academics$5,000Application form10th May 2018
Opens annually

The Capstone Editing  Carer’s Travel Grant for Academic Women

Female research students that are also the primary caregiver for a child under 5 years of age$3,000Application form30th May 2018 
Opens annually
Australian Wildlife Society University Research GrantsOffered to honours or postgraduate students at Australian Universities. Grants are available for research projects of direct relevance to the conservation of Australian wildlife - plant or animal.$1,500Application30th May 2019
Opens annually

The Capstone Editing Conference Travel Grant for Postgraduate Research Students

Full-time postgraduate students$3,000Application form1st June 2018
Opens annually

The Capstone Editing Grant for Mid-Career Researchers

Employed research students in their mid-career as an academic$5,000Application form10th December 2018
Opens annually

The Capstone Editing Research Scholarship for Honours Students

Honours students$3,000Application form10th April 2019
Opens annually

Other Criteria

ScholarshipWho can apply?AmountApplicationClosing Date

Australian Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust

Full-time students who are the child or grandchild of a person with operational service as a member of the Australian Army, Navy or Air Force. Variable up to $12,000Expression of interest31st October 2018

Black Mango Scholarship

Full-time student aged between 18-25. Must be able to demonstrate:

  • academic potential
  • financial or other hardship
  • evidence of community involvement.
$1,500Resume and cover letter

500 word essay
31st October 2018
Growing Potential Indigenous Scholarship in the field of NDIS Business Development Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders

Proven experience in the disability sector

Currently work in, or be on the path towards, business management

Be committed to improving the health of  Indigenous communities

Be committed to completing and excelling at the course
Fully-funded Graduate Certificate in NDIS Business Development at the University of New EnglandApplication form

Participate in a video interview
31st October 2018

The yta.se Climate Scholarship

All students working on a project that has the intent of making the real-estate market more sustainable.$1,225Application form15th December 2018

The Capstone Editing Textbook Grant for Undergraduates

Undergraduate students$3,000Application formNo closing date - awarded annually on 1st February