Other Scholarships

Please note that the below listed scholarships are offered by companies and organisations outside of the University of New England. The Scholarships, Prizes and Awards team does not accept applications and are not responsible for the selection or distribution of these scholarships.

All students

ScholarshipWho can apply?AmountApplicationClosing Date
JB Fairfax Award for Rural and Regional JournalismAll students$10,000

600 word report in any formatTBA

1st Gallery Annual Art and Design Scholarship

All students$1,000

Application form

An artwork that you have created (design, drawing, film, poem etc) that you are proud of

31st May annually

RRD Safe Driving Scholarship

All students$1,500Application form10th December annually
Tangerine Telecom ScholarshipAll students$1,0001,000 word essay1st May 2019
Bestazy Inspiring Innovation Scholarship 2019 All students$1,000800 word essay1st June 2019
GDPR ScholarshipAll studentsFree Data Safety course offered to 10 students1,000 word essay15th June 2019
Online Induction ScholarshipAll students  $1,0001,000 word essay30th June 2019
Sleeknote ScholarshipAll students$1,000Video submission30th September 2019
The Global Mobility Immigration Lawyers ScholarshipAll students$500

an additional $500 donation
Respond to the topic "Discuss a time when you felt xenophobic and how you have since evolved"1st October 2019
SeekVisa 2019 ScholarshipAll students$4,000Respond to the topic
"Australia is reducing its intake of migrants - currently capped at 190,000"
1st October 2019
Upskilled Education ScholarshipAll students$2,0001000 word essay1st December 2019
Beastlive ScholarshipAll students$1,0001000 word essay31st December 2019


ScholarshipWho can apply?AmountApplicationClosing Date
The Sparesbox Scholarship

Full-time or Part-time student majoring in:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Commerce

6 week paid internship
2,000 word essayTBA
Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships Program

Undergraduate and Postgraduate students undertaking a STEM course, which includes the areas of:

  • Natural or Physical Science
  • Information Technology
  • Engeneering and Related Technologies
  • Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies
  • Health (except Complimentary Therapies)
Up to $18,000ApplicationTBA
Brian Gray Scholarship ProgramAustraliana and New Zealand citizens studying a topic of relevance to ARPA with a focus on honours year and postgraduate students. $15,000Online Application2019 TBA
Refractique Australia Scholarship Various levels of study in an Arts degree.$1,000A refraction photography submission30th January and 30th June annually

Digilari Media Scholarship for Growth Through Knowledge

Full-time students who are Australian citizens or Permanent Residents over 18 years of age and in 2nd year of marketing or business degree.

$3,0001-2 page digital marketing summary

Statement on how Attribution Modelling works in property development

Express your opinion on which brand is delivering great marketing right now

Copy of transcript
31st August annually
The BizCover Women In IT ScholarshipFemale student in their final year of Computing or Information Technology degree$3,000Application26th April 2019
More Telecom ScholarshipNew and existing students undertaking a marketing course.$1,0001,000 word essay1st May 2019
Teachers Mutual Bank Future Teaches ScholarshipTeaching students who are members of Teachers Mutual Bank$5,000Application17th May 2019
GlobalVision Packaging, Print and Graphic Design Scholarship ProgramUndergraduates studying in a field relating to the packaging, print and graphic design industry.$1,000500 word essay1st June 2019
Online Marketing Gurus Digital Marketing Scholarships

Students in their final year of study in the areas of:

  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Communications
$5,000Email the company1st July 2019
Mark Pompei Student ScholarshipEnrolled in an accredited course, working towards a qualification in learning and developmentBenefits of $5,0001,000 word essay31st July 2019
Tim Healy Memorial Scholarship

Post-graduate students studying in a field that benefits the future of Australian farming such as:

  • pastures
  • livestock management
  • farming systems
  • agronomy
  • farm business management
  • woody crops
  • on-farm biodiversity
  • socio-economic aspects of farming
$10,000 paApplication form31st October 2019
Autocraze ScholarshipApplicants must have an ATAR of 80 or equivalent, be majoring in Business or Marketing and be involved in leadership, volunteering or car clubs.$1,0002000 word essay

31st October 2019
Real Futures Grant

Full-time students who are enrolled in certificate, diploma or degree level courses in the following areas:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Medicine
  • Healthcare
  • Specialist healthcare
$5,000700 word essay31st October 2019
ScholarshipWho can apply?AmountApplicationClosing Date
PIRSA Honours ScholarshipsAustralian students wishing to commence honours studies in the areas of agricultural and social science. $5,000

Additional $3,000 for operating expenses
Application form

30th September 2019

Other Criteria

ScholarshipWho can apply?AmountApplicationClosing Date
2019 ACEN Student ScholarshipsAny student undertaking Work Integrated Learning in 2019$1,500Application30th April 2019
GoSkills Scholarship Female students wishing to open their own online business$2,000Application15th September 2019

The Capstone Editing Textbook Grant for Undergraduates

Undergraduate students$3,000Application formNo closing date - awarded annually on 1st February