Applying for Scholarships

The University offers a number of scholarships. Each of our scholarships requires you to provide specific information as part of the application process that will demonstrate your eligibility for the scholarship. You will find these requirements in the scholarships descriptions. However, here are a few general points that you will need to keep in mind when applying:

  • There will be a link to the relevant application form for each scholarship. Make sure you use that form.
  • You must complete all relevant sections of the form.
  • Some scholarships require referees’ reports. Make sure you get those organised.
  • You might also need to include other supporting documents. These will be detailed on the information page for each scholarship.

Once you are ready to complete the application process please keep the following in mind:

  • Scholarship applications have a closing date. Submit the application by that date; otherwise, your application may not be processed or considered by the relevant committee.
  • Only complete applications will be processed. If you do not provide all the relevant information or requested documentation, the Scholarships, Prizes and Awards team will notify you that your application is incomplete. This will give you the opportunity to complete your application for consideration.
  • Failure to provide requested additional information by the stated date could result in your application not being processed or considered by the relevant committee.

We're here to help

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the scholarships on offer or the application process, the Scholarships, Prizes and Awards team are here to help!

You can contact us through: