Applying for animal ethics approval

All staff, students, and external researchers seeking to conduct research involving animals at the University of New England are required to apply using these forms.

Please note that applications on the old forms will not be accepted. We advise that you download the forms each time you need them because updates to the documents/forms are made regularly.

Guidelines on how to apply for ethics approval

Complete your application form for ethics approval

Your completed application form for ethics approval must be sent to the Animal Ethics Committee.

A sample of a completed application form will be available soon as a guide to work from.

Purpose, Procedures, Species Lists and SOPs

Purpose list — refer to question B7 in the application form.

Procedures list — refer to question B6 in the application form.

Species category numbers — refer to B5 of the application form.

Standard operating procedures — reference guides for research into a range of animals.


Applications for ethics approval must reach Research Services by 12.00 noon on the nominated closing date for discussion at the next committee meeting.

Signatures can be signed electronically, or signed by hand.

Email all applications and any supporting documents (in colour) to
Print, in colour, the original application on A4 paper, single sided, and clip it together — do not staple — and deliver to:

Research Services
TC Lamble Building

After your research is underway

During the course of your research, you may have the need to amend your approved animal ethics application. This should be done using a Variation form,

You will also need to submit a Progress or Final report to the AEC in relation to your ethics approval. If your research has been approved for more than 1 year you will need to complete a Progress report annually. Otherwise a Final report must be submitted once the data collection phase has been completed.

Variation Form

Variation Form

If you need to request an extension of time, an amendment to your project, the addition of staff or students to the protocol or any other variation to your already approved application please complete and submit the Variation Form.

Progress / Final Report Form

The Progress or Final Report is used to:

  • A Progress Report is submitted if you received approval for research that runs for more than 1 year. A Progress Report must be completed every 12 months and submitted to the Animal Ethics Committee (AEC). A progress report cannot be used to request an extension of time. This must be done using a Variation form.
  • A Final Report must be completed once you have completed your data collection and submitted to the AEC.