Educational Access Scheme

The University acknowledges and provides consideration for applicants who have experienced educational disadvantage. Applicants applying for internal study (on-campus) can apply for consideration under the Education Access Scheme (EAS) administered by the Universities Admission Centre and Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre

EAS Adjustment Scheme

Through the EAS Scheme, UNE provides adjustments to an applicant's selection rank. This means the applicant's rank, if successful, increases and the applicant then competes with all other applicants for a place in their course. The adjustments are made to increase an applicant's rank. It does not change your UAI / OP.

For applicants applying for on-campus study, apply through UAC

Applicants must follow the procedures outlined by UAC and submit their application by the prescribed date.

Applicants applying through UAC can obtain an application from UAC or Student Centre (1800 818 865). Information is available from the UAC website.

Types of disadvantages considered:

  • Disrupted schooling
  • Financial hardship
  • Home environment and responsibilities
  • English language difficulties
  • Personal illness/disability
  • School environment