Local Community Preparedness for an Emergency Animal Disease Outbreak

The research sought to:

  • Develop a clearer picture of the level of local community preparedness in the event of a serious Emergency Animal Disease (EAD) outbreak.
  • Identify those social factors that may facilitate or inhibit the implementation of disease control plans in rural communities.
  • Make recommendations to better defend and respond to a potential crisis.
  • Gather a deeper understanding of the social impacts of such a disease outbreak upon rural communities, and in the process, educate and raise awareness of the issues within the general public.

The study provided increased awareness and preparedness about EAD, developed local government area EAD strategies, and provided important information to assist in the planning and management of state and national responses to an EAD outbreak.

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Completed in 2005

Funded by: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Contact: The Institute for Rural Futures