Postgraduate Conference

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'Intersections of Knowledge'

22 and 23 January 2020 on campus at UNE


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Welcome to a unique collaboration of UNE disciplines

The purpose of this event is to create "Intersections of Knowledge", by bringing our postgraduate researchers together and provide an opportunity demonstrate resilience created through research to colleagues and interested individuals from across UNE and the community.

This higher degree research event showcases fields such as: education, teaching and learning strategies, sustainable environments, worldwide ethics, policy and law, agricultural technologies advancement in science and organisational management and leadership.

In 2019 there were 80 presentations and 5 special presentation sessions including presentations by UNE supervisors.

Register to Attend the Postgrad Conference.

If you are planning to present on campus or submit a poster presentation or just attending any session please register at Eventbrite. Registration is free! (Available mid 2019)

Materials Release Form

We would like to use photos of your conference to promote and communicate this event to others. If you are happy for your image to be used, please indicate this on the Abstract and Biography Submission form. You will be given a paper copy of the Materials Release Form to sign at the conference.

PowerPoint Submission Guidelines

When your abstract has been accepted, you will need to prepare and send your PowerPoint presentation along with a 100 word Biography including a photocopy of your student ID (in a word document). Please send your PPT presentation and your biography to ensuring your full name is included as a prefix in the file name (eg. Julius-Miller Bio.docx ; Julius-Miller.pptx).

Your PPT presentation should not exceed 15 slides as you have a maximum of 15 mins to present your research. To assist you in your presentation design click on the link to Jane Clothier’s PowerPoint presentation.

For information on marking guidelines see PowerPoint Marking Criteria.

Poster Submission Guidelines

A poster presentation is the presentation of your research information at the UNE postgrad conference with an academic or professional focus. Guidelines for your Poster Presentation including deadlines for submission and on campus printing options are included in this document.

The New England Award

The New England Award (NEA) program is designed to encourage, recognise and reward students’ personal and professional development through participation in extra-curricular activity. It is open to all UNE students, and is targeted at ‘whole person’ development. A collaborative framework incorporating internal and external partners provides development opportunities to UNE students, unifying otherwise unrelated activities under one ‘umbrella’. The NEA provides students with a structure within which to plan and reflect upon their learning and development. The NEA contributes significantly to student development and personal growth, and provides learning experiences which have a positive impact on student engagement.

If you wish to apply for this award, please complete the New England Award section in the Abstract and Biography Submission Form.

For Further information please visit the website click here

Enquiries: details for the HDR office.

PGC Presentation Prizes

PowerPoint Presentations
The UNE PG Conference is pleased to announce the prizes for the PowerPoint Presentation, based upon the criteria set out, on the website.
1st Prize =$800
2nd Prize = $500
3rd Prize = $300
If you are, a successful in placing in the top 3 your faculty will match the amount contributed by the Research Services Directorate. The money will be awarded to the candidate through their Faculty/School for the purpose to attend a conference of their choice.

Poster Presentations
The prize amounts for the Poster Presentations will be as follows:
1st Prize = $250
2nd Prize = $175
3rd Prize =$100

PGC Survey

Please feel free to leave your feed back by using the following link on the Conference Feedback Survey

UNE's Postgraduate Conference showcases HDR research to colleagues and the wider community by in-person or video presentations.

2019: Conference Proceeding

The UNE Postgraduate Conference was held 15 - 16 January 2019.

The Postgraduate Conference included:

  • Keynote speakers: Dr Kate Wilson
  • Invited Speaker, Mr James Horsburgh
  • Invited Speaker Special Presentation: Professor Lewis Kahn
  • Free entry
  • Available to anyone from UNE and the community

Program of Events

Conference Proceedings Book

2018: Conference Proceedings

The UNE Postgraduate Conference was held 16-17 January 2018.

The Postgraduate Conference included:

  • Keynote speakers: Dr John Dixson and Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen
  • Acrobatic research presenter, Dan Aubin
  • Special Session presenters: Emeritus Professor Ray Cooksey and Professor Brian Hardaker
  • Free entry
  • Available to anyone from UNE and the community

Program of Events

Conference Proceedings Book

2017: Conference Proceedings

The UNE Postgraduate Conference was held 17–18 January 2017.

The Postgraduate Conference included:

  • Keynote speaker Profesor Annabelle Duncan
  • Motivation speaker Olympic volleyball player, Kerri Pottharst
  • 20 special presentations
  • Free entry
  • Available to any one from UNE and the community

Program of Events

Conference Proceedings book

2016: Conference Proceedings

The inaugural Postgraduate Conference was held 19–20 January 2016.

The Postgraduate Conference included:

  • Keynote speakers: Professor Ray Cooksey and Professor Robert van Barneveld
  • Free entry
  • Availability to anyone from UNE and the community.

Postgraduate Research Conference Proceedings

Program of Events