The New England Award

The prestigious New England Award is presented to students who have embraced the full UNE experience by getting involved in social and community activities that develop life skills, such as:

  • participation in social, cultural and sporting events
  • training undertaken in addition to your degree
  • committee membership
  • event organisation
  • paid and voluntary work
  • contribution to your local community and to the University.

Why take part in the New England Award?

The New England Award (NEA) will add value to your CV, and provide evidence of your commitment to developing the UNE Graduate Attributes and preparing yourself for graduate employment and citizenship.

The NEA acknowledges the development of the skills and attributes necessary for successful study, workplace attributes and good citizenship. It will be a valuable addition to your academic record and CV and enhance your employability.

How does it work? About the Activities.

Getting involved in social and community activities, like those outlined above, will contribute to achieving your New England Award.

Eligible roles and activities are worth a number of points towards the NEA. Point value of each activity is determined in consultation with the NEA Progam Manager.

Independent evidence of satisfactory completion of ALL aspects of an activity is required. All activities and skills developed are recorded in an online portfolio through MyNEA.

See the eligible activities list for a sample list of eligible activities.  Please note that you are not limited to the activities in the activity list.  You can propose that a new activity be recognised by the New England Award by filling out an NEA Activity Proposal Form. However, for a new activity to be recognised it must fit into one of the three New England Award categories.

If you would like to include an activity in your New England Award portfolio and believe it will be worth 50 or more points you MUST seek approval from the NEA Program Manager in advance. If you do not have approval you may find that the activity, or evidence of completion, is not approved for NEA purposes.

Email the NEA program manager:

What participants have said about their New England Award

Timothy Hatfield, Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, 2012 (Distance student)

During my time with the University of New England, I have profoundly enjoyed the opportunity to be recognised for the additional enterprises I have endeavoured to accomplish. This has exclusively occurred through the University of New England's New England Award Program. As part of this experience I have engaged in various extracurricular, professional development and charitable contribution undertakings. these have considerably reinforced and improved my academic and personal virtues as well as greatly enhancing my future employability...I would encourage all university students to apply to the New England Award program and realise the enormous benefits it can make to your ambitions, self-esteem, motivation, creativity, self-efficacy, resourcefulness and future employability.

AJ Moore, Bachelor of Arts, 2012

I am glad and grateful to have been involved in the NEA scheme in parallel to my academic program. I believe it has provided the well-roundedness and wholesomeness of experience one would expect from a university, particularly as a distance student. While the degree schedule may have focussed on facts and figures, the NEA scheme provided the 'life skills' to use in their application...The program helped develop the UNE graduate attributes in a real-world setting, and facilitated a level of personal growth that would not otherwise have had the chance to develop in the time and manner they have.

Jambay Jambay, Bachelor of Science, 2011 (International student from Bhutan)

Being part of the NEA has showered me with heaps of chances to contribute to the university and wider community with the spirit of volunteerism. it has also helped me build connections and make new friends. With every activity I take part in I add an extra bit of knowledge into my grey matter.

Chris Browne, Bachelor of Science with Honours, 2011

It was not until I was writing this journal that I was re-familiarising myself with the eight 'graduate attributes' which are developed by those students who participate in the NEA program, that I realised that each of the graduate attributes that I have unknowingly developed over my time at university directly related to the core values of [new graduate employer]. It was then that I realised that my 'dream job' with Australia's largest gold mining company was not solely related to my geological knowledge and my passion for the industry...but also to an assortment of attributes which I have developed and built upon directly through my NEA experiences.

Takuia Uakeia, Doctor of Philosophy, 2011 (International student from Kiribati)

The NEA is a ground-breaking scheme to assist in preparing students for their future life both at the work place and in the community...My involvement in the NEA has enriched my knowledge and skills about how to engage myself in life challenges and work out the most appropriate approach to contribute in solving the problem and also to learn from others in a cooperative and team work spirit.

I applaud the creation and continued support for the NEA and highly recommend it to students to get involved. Of course, it will take extra of your time, but the benefits are immense. My experience is I never regret being involved in the NEA.

Lang Robson, Bachelor of Languages and International Business, 2011

By participating in the New England Award I have gained heightened self-confidence by achieving success in a wide range of tasks. The New England Award has taught me that anything is achievable as long as you focus on it and work hard it eventually pays off... I believe that the New England Award will be as great an asset to me as my degree will be. It has taught me that learning can be undertaken simply to expand ones horizons and not purely for professional advances. This is a valuable lesson I believe will stick with me for life.