2017 Frank Archibald Memorial Lecture

Memories, Milestones and Monuments

The Art of storytelling has been a useful tool in the movement to protect Aboriginal sites of significance in NSW.

In NSW today there are over 65,000 known Aboriginal sites. These sites are found in various landscapes, they can be found in towns and cities, along river banks and tracks, they can be found almost anywhere.

These are important places for social, spiritual, historical and commemorative reasons. They reflect the ways in which Aboriginal people view their cultural heritage, they can carry a relationships between one person and another, and between people and their environment.

In this lecture Dr Ray Kelly will demonstrate his approach to investigating and analysing language material recorded by Aboriginal informants.

Dr Ray Kelly

Dr Ray Kelly presenting at the Frank Archbald Memorial LectureResearch Academic
Purai Global Indigenous and Diaspora Research Studies Centre
University of Newcastle

For the past 30 years, Dr Ray Kelly has dedicated his working career to Indigenous Community enhancement at Regional, State and National levels.  He is resolute in his belief that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have an inherent right to maintain, preserve and manage all aspects of their unique cultures. In order to do this effectively we must commit to an ongoing process of engagement, communication and negotiation with our fellow Australians for all aspects of our future planning and development of our country.

Venue: The Armidale Bowling Club, Armidale

Frank Archibald Memorial Lecture Series