An Annual Lecture

portrait of Frank ArchibaldThe Frank Archibald Memorial Lecture is an annual event held in honour of Mr Frank Archibald, a revered Aboriginal community member of the Armidale area. Frank Archibald was renowned for his knowledge and interest in all issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, particularly education.

The Frank Archibald Memorial Lecture has been held as part of the University of New England’s Lecture Series since 1986 and is dedicated to Frank Archibald, his family and Aboriginal people of the New England region. The Lecture is presented by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander speakers who are leading professionals in fields such as education, law, social justice, government and the arts. When the University established the Lecture, its intention was to invite speakers to give public address on current issues which are important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, with an emphasis on education. Over the many years, speakers have included Jackie Huggins, Dr Pat O’Shane, Mick Dodson, Noel Pearson, the late Charles Perkins, Senator Aden Ridgeway and Rachael Maza Long.

In 2011 the 25th anniversary of the Frank Archibald Memorial Lecture was commemorated through a presentation by the founding Director of Oorala Aboriginal Centre, Ms Lynette Riley, who had established this lecture series at the University in 1986.

Lecture Series

2020: Prof. Michelle Trudgett presents Cementing Indigenous leadership in higher education

2019: The Hon Ken Wyatt AM MP presents Teaching Indigenous Australia  –  Understanding our past and unlocking our future

2018: Dr Lou Bennett presents Sovereign Language Repatriation: Language Pedagogy through Song Composition

Dr Ray Kelly presents2017: Dr Ray Kelly presents 'Memories, Milestones and Monuments'

2016: Sean Gordon presents 'The sorry business of doing things to us'

2015: Prof. Rhonda Marriot presents 'Valuing Ngaarda Ways in Research'

2014: Mr Romlie Mokak presents 'Our People in Professions'

2013: Ass.Prof. Karen L Martin presents 'Motivation + Action - Tradition = Aboriginal Schooling'

2012: Prof. Peter Buckskin presents 'Rights Responsibilities and Reciprocity.... Who does the heavy lifting?'

2011: Ms Lynette Riley presents 'Influences on Aboriginal lives - a personal reflection'Ms Lynette Riley poster

2010: Mr Gary Oakley presents 'Unsung Heroes' Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander' Service in the Australian defence Forces

2009: Dianne Roberts OAM presents The Challenge for Educational Research: Educating for Creativity and Difference

2008: Ass Prof. Dr Peter O'Mara presents 'Improving Indigenous Health'

2007: Rachel Maza Long presents 'How Lucky Am I'

2006: Noel Tovey presents 'Reclaiming My Aboriginality'

2005: Deborah Cheetham presents 'Losing my religion'

2004: Senator Aden Ridgeway presents 'Race, Identity and Politics'

2007 Rachel Maza Long lecture poster2003: Dr Pat O'Shane AM presents 'Does our Constitution serve an Australian Democracy?'

2002: James Wilson-Miller presents 'Visionaries of Social Change'

2001: Ms Jackie Huggins AM presents 'Working the Walk: Activating Reconciliation'

2000: Prof. John Lester presents '20 Years of Aboriginal EducationPolicy: Where are we?'

1999: Mr Dennis Eggington presents 'Justice in Black Hands: A new approach for a new millennia'

1998: Dr Pat O'Shane AM presents 'Aboriginal Political Movements: Some Observations'

2003 Pat OShane lecture poster1997: Noel Pearson presents 'Why John Howard's Ten Point Plan Will Destroy Reconciliation'

1996: Linda Burney presents 'Education and Social Justice'

1995: Grace Smallwood presents 'Australia's Fourth World Nation'

1994: Michael Dodson presents 'Cultural Rights and Educational Responsibilities'

1993: Mary Ann Bin-Sallik presents 'Aborigines and Universities: are they compatible?'

1992: Lyall Munro Jr. presents 'A Personal Perspective of my Involvement with Aboriginal Affairs'

1990: Charles N. Perkins presents 'Welfare and Aboriginal people in Australia - Time for a New Direction1991: Dr Margaret Valadian presents 'Aboriginal Education - Development or Destruction'

1990: Charles N. Perkins presents 'Welfare and Aboriginal people in Australia - Time for a New Direction'

1989: Tiga Bayles presents 'We Live with the problems, We Know the Solutions'

1988: Lilla J. Watson presents 'The meeting of Two Traditions: Aboriginal Studies in the University - A Murri Perspective'

1987: Paul Hughes presents 'Aboriginal Culture and learning Styles - A Challenge for Academics in Higher Educational Institutions'

1986: Prof. Eric P. Willmot presents 'Future Pathways: Equity or Isolation'