To ensure the integrity of the TTA program, as well as the academic relationship between a student and a tutor, there must be no undeclared conflict of interest influencing their participation in the TTA Program. Both student and tutor need to be aware that the following restrictions apply for individual or small group tutoring sessions:

  • Tutors and students cannot have a pre-existing personal relationship with one another. These include but are not limited to partners, family members, friends or professional colleagues.
  • Tutors must not be involved in the assessment of the unit they are tutoring into. This includes but is not limited to any other role they may have in relation to the unit (eg.the unit coordinator, regular lecturer, tutor, or exam assessor).

Any actual or perceived conflict of interest between a tutor and student that is identified/declared will need to be managed in accordance with the UNE Conflict of Interest Policy and Conflict of Interest Procedures.