Financial Assistance

Along with managing your studies at University, you'll be managing your money. UNE provides a range of useful support options to assist you with the financial side of student life.

Areas of assistance include the provision of Student Loans, seeking part time employment and strategies for saving money.

Student Loans

  • UNE's Student Financial Assistance Office is there to address any financial queries/ concerns/ difficulties you may have throughout the course of your enrolment.
  • Student Financial Services also offer an interest-free Student Loans Scheme designed to provide assistance when you most need it.

To be eligible for a loan you must be:

  • enrolled as a full or part time student
  • able to demonstrate genuine study-related grounds for application. These might include necessities such as textbooks, urgent utility expenses, or rental bonds. (Loans cannot be used for on campus accommodation charges.)

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Part Time Employment

Part time work is the most versatile way to supplement your income. It provides you with valuable skills/ experience, and broadens your social/ vocational network. There are various avenues for seeking employment on campus and off campus.

On Campus Employment

  • Students living on campus are best positioned to find convenient work on their own residential premises. Contact individual College/ Village offices for information on available positions.
  • Register for work with The UNE Employment Service, and scan the "Positions Vacant" notice boards at the UNE Services Office.

Off Campus Employment

  • Register with job referral agencies in Armidale. A resume with character references, and/or previous employment references, is an important accessory in your quest for work.
  • Armidale is home to many large retail and fast food chains (including Kmart, Coles, Woolworths, McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Red Rooster and Hungry Jacks) all of which provide good opportunities for part time work.
  • If you already work for a major employer, you may be successful in requesting a transfer to an Armidale branch.

Save Yourself Money

If you take simple measures to save yourself money, you'll save yourself the stress of being broke.

  • Consider Living On Campus as an economical and practical alternative to setting up house. Household budgeting is non-existent and you're free to focus on personal and study expenses.
  • Check your eligibility for government allowances through Centrelink. You may be entitled to supplementary payments whilst studying.
  • Apply for Scholarships. Every year, UNE offers a vast range of scholarships that assist with all aspects of study from On Campus Accommodation through to Textbook grants.
  • Take advantage of Student Discounts. Your student card entitles you to retail discounts all over Armidale; from hairdressing services to video hire, from cinema and live music concessions to sporting and stationery supplies. Your student card also entitles you to major travel concessions.
  • Make the most of UNE's Dixson Library and Second Hand Bookshop. Borrow what you don't need to buy; and buy second hand. Then sell what you've bought, when you're finished with it.
  • Use a pre-paid mobile. No contracts, no monthly charges and you won't run up impossible bills.
  • Travel by bicycle! No fuel costs, no transport fares and fantastic cardiovascular workout.