Attachment 1 Indigenous Support Program

Provider Name: University of New England

For the 2015 funding year (1 January - 31 December 2015:

Part A - If applicable, Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid under the Agreement:

GST Paid
1. If applicable, GST received by you in 2015 as part of the Indigenous Support Programme funding under the Higher Education Support Act 2003. This amount is stated on your Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTIs).$
2. If applicable, GST remitted or committed for payment to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) (in the remittance instalments shown below) 

Amount remitted: $
Date remitted:       /    /

Amount remitted: $
Date remitted:       /    /

Amount remitted: $
Date remitted:       /    /

Part B - Acquittal Summary Details (excluding GST):

Source of incomeAmount
1. Unexpended Indigenous Support Programme funds from 2014 which were committed for expenditure prior to 31/12/2014$162,943
(+) 2. Unexpended and uncommitted Indigenous Support Programme funds from 2013 which were approved for expenditure in 2015.$
(+) 3. Indigenous Support Programme funds provided in 2015. These amounts appear on Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTls) or Payment Advice Letters.$1,239,000
(+) 4. Interest, royalties and other income derived from Indigenous Support Programme funds in 2015.$123
(=) 5. Total Indigenous Support Programme funds to be acquitted in 2015.$1,402,066
6. Total Indigenous Support Programme expenditure in 2015, excluding any GST.$1,160,278
(+) 7. Unexpended Indigenous Support Programme funds which were committed$
(+) 8. Requested carryover into 2015 of unexpended Indigenous Support Programme funds which were not committed for expenditure by 31/12/2015 - written approval date / .. ./2015. (The Department will only approve the rollover of unspent funds in exceptional circumstances.)$
(=) 9. Total Indigenous Support Programme funds which by 31/12/2015 were fully expended and/or committed for expenditure.$1,160,278

10. Returns of 2015 Indigenous Support Program Funds by 31/12/2015 = $0

11. Balance of Funds for 2015 (Unexpended/uncommitted Indigenous Support Programme funds to be returned or recovered from 2014 entitlements). = $241,787

12. Balance of provider's Indigenous Support Programme bank account or cost centre as at 31/12/2015 = $241,787

Section 7 - Breakdown of ISP Expenditure (excluding GST):


The Centre's salaries account for 15 full, part-time and casual positions covering an FTE of 8.19 and an average salary plus on-costs of $102,642.

Salaries in the breakdown of ISP Expenditure
Total Salaries$840,635 
Operating costs in the breakdown of ISP expenditure
Non-salary operating costs - itemisedISP
Catering Services & Consumables $3,432
Computer Services$103
Fuel Purchases$2,014
Hire Charges$1,913
Membership Subs$945
Minor Consumables$3,214
Motor Vehicles$750
Parking Fees$300
Telephone and Internet Charges$4,053
Staff Deployment$7.866
All Operating Costs$28,170 
Non-salary Program costs - itemised
Advertising & Promotional costs$10,817
Promotional Materials$15,444
Building Repairs & Maintenance$1,172
Minor Equipment$34,150
Other Student Activities$13,058
Professional Development$4,502
University Engagement Events$20,821
Student Engagement Activities includes Access, Retention & Recruitment$28,566
Office & Student Foyer Refurbishment as per 2013 elf approval - 2014 commitments spent in 2015$162,943

Total 2015 ISP Program Expenditure = $1,160,278

Optional Information

Breakdown of Non-ISP expenditure to support Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander students
Non Salaries$19,910
Teaching Total$348,603
Mentoring & Tutorial SupportSalaries$275,484
Non Salaries$5,622
Total Mentoring & Tutorial Support$281,106
HEPP Retention, Outreach & TAFE Pathways ProgramsSalaries$191,328
Non Salaries$41,198
Total HEPP Grants$232,526
= Total2015 Non-ISP expenditure$862,232

If your Institution lists items such as staffing costs, travel costs, services rendered, please provide a detailed description in the below table.

ISP STAFFING COSTS - Breakdown (Includes On-Costs)
PositionFTEIndigenous Centre/Faculty StaffCost
Director0.15Indigenous CentreRedacted
Elder in Residence (HEO7)0.54Indigenous CentreRedacted
Executive Assistant (HEO6)1.0Indigenous CentreRedacted
Policy & Planning Officer (HEO7)0.8Indigenous CentreRedacted
Resource & Compliance Officer (HEO7)1.0Indigenous CentreRedacted
Course Co-ordinator (AcadA/C)0.35Faculty staff assisting CentreRedacted
Lecturer (ATA/B 04)0.35Faculty staff assisting CentreRedacted
Admin Assistant (HE04) Academic Support0.6Faculty staff assisting CentreRedacted
Admin Assistant (HE04) Student Support0.56Indigenous CentreRedacted
Admin Assistant (HE04) Casual0.85Indigenous CentreRedacted
Special Projects Officer (HEO7) Casual0.21Indigenous CentreRedacted
Student Assistants0.11Indigenous CentreRedacted
Student Relationship Officer (HE04)0.46Indigenous CentreRedacted
Student Services Manager (HE07)1.00Indigenous CentreRedacted
Student Services Officer (HE06)1.00Indigenous CentreRedacted
ITAS Support Reimbursement0.8Indigenous CentreRedacted
Total Salary including On-Costs8.19 $840,635
ISP Non-Salary Costs Breakdown
Operating Costs (see above table)Office consumables, stationary, postage, telecommunications, employment costs.$28,170
Advertising & Promotional costsStudent publications & Koori Mail Education brief.$10,817
Promotional MaterialsMaterials used for open days, career markets, community promotion events and promotional events.$15,444
Building Repairs & MaintenanceRepairs to Centre's buildings and furnishings.$1,172
Minor EquipmentUpdate staff computers $26k, promo Marquee $2.8k, Student kitchen amenities $2k, Office Equipment $3.4k.$34,150
Other Student ActivitiesStudent supplies for student centre, graduation events & funding two students to ATSI Conference.$13,058
Professional DevelopmentStaff training and conference attendance including FYHE conference.$4,502
University Engagement EventsCost incurred in attending or running university events including NAIDOC week, the annual Archibald Lecture, community days including "Clontarf", "Close the Gap", and "Heart Awareness" initiatives. Attending NATSIHEC meetings.$20,821
Student Engagement Activities Access, Retention & RecruitmentTravel and accommodation cost in attending 20 Career markets and outreach centre visits.$28,566
Office & Student Foyer Refurbishment as per 2013 elf approval - 2014 commitment's spent in 2015Provision of A/C and carpet to centres foyer area to improve the buildings suitability for functions meetings and student access. Improvements to student lab and admin block to improve air flow.$162,943
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