Honorary Degree Recipients

University of New England

Honorary Degree Recipients since 1955

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(Year, Recipient and Award)

2019Paul BarrattDoctor of Letters
2018Kerry SchottDoctor of Letters
2018Randall AlburyDoctor of Letters
2017Gina O GonongDoctor of Letters
2017Jack BeetsonDoctor of Letters
2017Dianne Roberts Doctor of Letters
2016Pauline AllenDoctor of Letters
2015Alan McIntoshDoctor of Science
2014Dean BrownDoctor of Science
2014Bridget OgilvieDoctor of Science
2014Peter DonovanDoctor of Letters
2014Shirley RandellDoctor of Letters
2014Tony WindsorDoctor of Letters
2013Neil TrudingerDoctor of Science
2013Sue FellDoctor of Letters
2013Kevin ScarceDoctor of Letters
2012Scott WilliamsDoctor of Letters
2011Edwina RidgwayDoctor of the University
2011Gisela KaplanDoctor of Science
2011Jennifer CrewDistinguished Fellow
2011Arthur RickardsDistinguished Graduate Fellow
2010Sharon SullivanDoctor of Letters
2010Pat WattersDistinguished Graduate Fellow
2009Edward Norman DancerDoctor of Science
2008John S RyanDoctor of Letters
2007James RF HarrisDoctor of the University
2007James SF BarkerDoctor of Science
2007Richard TorbayDoctor of Letters
2007Lionel GilbertDoctor of Letters
2007Norman FeatherDoctor of Letters
2005Colin Maurice PerrottDoctor of Science
2005Bernard Michael BindonDoctor of Rural Science
2004Grant Stewart HarmanDoctor of the University
2004Donald Alexander AitkinDoctor of Letters
2004William Graham MaddoxDoctor of Letters
2004Pema ThinleyDoctor of Education
2004Maxwell George Magnus WoodsMaster of Rural Science
2003Philip Arthur RickardsDoctor of the University
2002Philip William BennettDoctor of the University
2002Warren Ferris MusgraveDoctor of Economics
2001Frank FisherDoctor of Education
2000Geoffery Robert QuaifeDoctor of the University
2000Richard MearleDoctor of Letters
2000Mark SolonDoctor of Education
1999James FrazierDoctor of Science
1999Stanley DroderDoctor of Economics
1998Peter Charles AndersonDoctor of the University
1998Sir Hermann BlackDoctor of the University
1998Horst Werner DoelleDoctor of Science
1998Roger Robert WoodwardDoctor of Letters
1998Kym BarrettMaster of Arts
1997Miriam Joyce DixsonDoctor of Letters
1997Peter BridgewaterDoctor of Resource Management
1997Calvin Wyatt RoseDoctor of Resource Management
1997John Michael LandyDoctor of Rural Science
1997Teresa Irene Jessica Morris-SuzukiDoctor of Economics
1997Robert Charles HerbertMaster of Arts
1997Anne Catherine von BertouchMaster of Arts
1997Patricia ChapmanHonorary Fellow of the University
1996Richard AustenDoctor of the University
1996Richard William ButlerDoctor of the University
1996Ian McCahon SinclairDoctor of the University
1996Sir Laurence Whistler StreetDoctor of Economics
1996Patrick Annandale WattersMaster of Arts
1996Roland Johanne BreckwoldtHonorary Fellow of the University
1995John Huntley BishopDoctor of Letters
1995Catherine Joan EllisDoctor of Letters
1995Margaret Elaine WhitlamDoctor of Letters
1995John Ralph BurtonDoctor of Resource Management
1995John Louis DillonDoctor of Economics
1995Arnold David GoodeHonorary Fellow of the University
1995Eleanor Mollie HoradamHonorary Fellow of the University
1995Donald Leslie RobertsHonorary Fellow of the University
1994Frank Kenneth RickwoodsDoctor of Science
1994James Russell McWilliam Doctor of Rural Science
1994Ross McDonald Parish Doctor of Economics
1994Colin Grant Honorary Fellow of the University
1994John Beaumont Williams Honorary Fellow of the University
1993Bernard William Fraser Doctor of the University
1993Margaret Rose Hankinson Doctor of the University
1993Beryl Elizabeth Ingold Doctor of the University
1993Lionel Edwards Phelps Doctor of the University
1993Kevin Patrick Sheridan Doctor of the University
1993Robert Blackie Austin Doctor of Science
1993Keith Oliver Campbell Doctor of Economics
1993 Noel Charles William Beadle Honorary Fellow of the University
1993 Henry Joseph KennedyHonorary Fellow of the University
1992 John Charles KerinDoctor of the University
1992 Ralph Whaddon Parsons Doctor of the University
1992 Isabel McBryde Doctor of Letters
1992 Alan Treloar Doctor of Letters
1992Robert Michael Corkill Honorary Fellow of the University
1992 Paul Lorimer Johnstone Honorary Fellow of the University
1992 Jacqueline Lamble Honorary Fellow of the University
1992 Keith Alexander McKenzieHonorary Fellow of the University
1991Archibald John Alexander NelsonHonorary Fellow of the University
1991Trevor Grant PlaterHonorary Fellow of the University
1991Maxwell George Magnus WoodsHonorary Fellow of the University
1991Marjorie Forsyth YeatesHonorary Fellow of the University
1990Robert Clarence Robertson-CuninghameDoctor of the University
1990Leslie Allan MurrayDoctor of Letters
1989Verghese KurienDoctor of the University
1989Nancy GrayMaster of the University
1987Ronald Cecil GatesDoctor of Letters
1987Ronald Max HartwellDoctor of Letters
1986Archibald William CameronMaster of Arts
1986Zihni Joseph BuzoMaster of Science
1985Richard Geoffrey BlomfieldDoctor of Letters
1985Gordon Lee McClymontDoctor of Rural Science
1985Russell James PollardMaster of Arts
1984Thomas Charles LambleDoctor of Letters
1984Desiderius OrbanDoctor of Letters
1983Peter Arundell WrightDoctor of Rural Science
1983Kathleen Mary LettersMaster of Music
1982Sir Frank Walters KittoDoctor of Letters
1981Sir Arthur Roden CutlerDoctor of Letters
1981Alec LazenbyDoctor of Rural Science
1979Sir Zelman CowenDoctor of Letters
1979James Pilkington BelshawDoctor of Economics
1978Alan Heywood VoiseyDoctor of Science
1977Albert Campbell Morgan HowardMaster of Music
1976Gilbert James ButlandDoctor of Letters
1975Haddon Forrester KingDoctor of Science
1974Dame Margaret van PraaghDoctor of Letters
1973Alec Derwent HopeDoctor of Letters
1973Louise Tiffany DaleyMaster of Arts
1973Howard Charles SheathMaster of Arts
1972Evangeline HarrisMaster of Arts
1971Edwin John TappDoctor of Letters
1970Sir John Grenfell CrawfordDoctor of Economics
1970Jack Neville LewisDoctor of Economics
1969Sir Robert Bowden MadgwickDoctor of Letters
1967Robin Gerard Penleigh BoydDoctor of Letters
1967Eric John UnderwoodDoctor of Rural Science
1963Roy Leslie BlakeDoctor of Letters
1963Judith Arundell Wright McKinneyDoctor of Letters
1962Sir Albert Edwin AxonDoctor of Science
1962The Honorable Mr Justice John Sydney ClancyDoctor of Letters
1962Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Hayden Owen Lane-PooleDoctor of Letters
1961The Right Reverend John Stoward MoyesDoctor of Letters
1961His Excellency Lieutenant-General Sir Eric Winslow WoodwardDoctor of Letters
1958Jack Griffiths DaviesDoctor of Science
1957Phillip Arundell WrightDoctor of Science
1957The Honourable David Henry DrummondDoctor of Literature
1957Stephen Henry RobertsDoctor of Literature
1956Sir Ian Clunies-RossDoctor of Science
1956The Honourable John Joseph CahillDoctor of Literature
1956The Honourable Robert James HeffronDoctor of Literature
1956His Excellency General Sir John NorthcottDoctor of Literature
1955Edgar Harold BoothDoctor of Science
1955The Right Honourable Sir Earle Christmas Grafton PageDoctor of Science
1955Sir Charles Bickerton BlackburnDoctor of Literature
1955Cecil Bede NewlingDoctor of Literature
1955His Excellency Field Marshall Sir William Joseph SlimDoctor of Literature