Student Testimonials

Conor Moylan, Yr 3 JMP Student studying medicine at UNE

Conor Moylan

Year 3 JMP Student studying medicine at UNE 

Where are you from and why did you choose to study medicine?

I'm from a rural property on the Mid North Coast of NSW, just north of Taree. Studying medicine had been a dream goal throughout high school - it is a career with deep and meaningful interaction with patients combined with gaining understanding of disease processes that affect every single individual around you. It's fascinating to study, but the best part is seeing it applied in the real world.

What do you like about UNE?

UNE is a great place to study medicine - we have a purpose-built medical building with state of the art anatomy labs, PBL rooms and lecture theatre.   Having this space means that we can get to know the other cohorts above and below - even if it's just passing by in the common room. We have arguably one of the best anatomy programs in the country for undergraduate medicine, learning anatomy by dissection. More broadly, UNE as a campus is a beautiful place to be - we are surrounded by leafy greens and rolling grassy hills, a peaceful place to walk to and from a lecture or tutorial.

What is the most unexpected thing about studying medicine in Armidale?

I thought when I came to Armidale to study medicine, I'd feel isolated. Nothing could be further from the truth. Compared to other medical schools, we have a fairly small cohort each year (about 60-70), and this means we become very close as medical students but also true friends outside the course itself. Having this support network is everything, especially when study times get tough and you need a bit of a hand.

What's it like to live in Armidale?

Living in Armidale is a lot of fun. We have the strongest college system I know of in Australia, and this means you can balance out work and play nicely, making loads of friends from a huge variety of courses. I would definitely recommend living on campus, not just because of this social aspect but also because of the academic support you get from your fellow med kids in your year and the years above. 

What would you like to do when you finish your degree?

When I finish my degree, I truly have no idea what field I'd like to work in. That'll come with more exposure in 4th and 5th year (I hope!). I guess that's part of the appeal and wonder of studying medicine - it's almost like once you finish you get to choose a career path all over again, but this time having had exposure to each pathway in the workplace. It's so varied, and you can practice as broadly or specifically as you choose.

Come to Armidale and study medicine - I promise you will not regret it! :)