Psychology Staff

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Head of School
Professor Debra Dunstan
Head of School
(02) 6773 3764
Ms Helen Creagan
Executive Assistant to Head of School
(02) 6773 3012
Psychology Academics
Areas of Interest
Deborah Apthorp, PhD
EEG, Parkinson's Disease, Visual PerceptionRoom G13, S7,
Phone 6773 4316
Warren Bartik, PhD
Psychology Clinic Director 
Youth suicide and suicide bereavement, clinical psychology, rural and remote psychology, psychology in the workplaceRoom G01, S7,
Phone 6773 3743
Navjot Bhullar, PhD
Associate Professor
Environmental psychology, mental health and well-being, applied social psychology Room G02, S7,
Phone 6773 3187
Brian Byrne, PhD
Emeritus Professor
Psychology of language Top floor S7, 
Phone 6773 2370
Gavin Clark, DPsych (Clin).
Associate Professor and Director, Clinical Psychology Program
Clinical psychology Room 25, S6, 
Phone: 6773 4553
Bernadine (Bernie) Cocks, PhD

Cognitive neuroscience, language

Room G12, S7, 
Suzie Cosh, PhD
Mental health and sports psychology, Child and adolescent mental healthRoom 44, S6, 
Phone 6773 2073
Belinda Craig, PhD
Emotion and person perceptionRoom G10, S7, 
Phone 6773 4010
William Coventry, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Behaviour genetics Room 1.10 S7, 
Phone 6773 2846
Andrea del Pozo de Bolger,
Clinical Placement Coordinator
Clinical psychologyTablelands Clinical School
Phone 6773 5784
Debra Dunstan, PhD
Deputy Head of School,
Associate Professor
Rehabilitation psychology, work disability, chronic pain, rural practice, program evaluation Room 25, S6, 
Phone 6773 3764
Don Hine, PhD
Cognitive, applied social and environmental psychology, decision making Room 1.15 S7, 
Phone 6773 2731
Graham Jamieson, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Cognitive-neuroscience of executive control, hypnosis and conscious states Room 42, S6, 
Phone 6773 4279
Elizabeth Kyonka, PhD
Animal learning and the experimental analysis of behaviourRoom 1.04, S7
Phone 6773 5624
Natasha Loi, PhD
Lifespan development psychology, organisational psychology Room 46, S6, 
Phone 6773 3903
Amy Lykins, PhD
Associate Professor
Human sexuality, sexual health Room 44, S6, 
Phone 6773 5014
Dominic McNeil, PhD
Sport psychology Room 41, S6, 
Phone 6773 2410
John Malouff, PhD
Associate Professor
Evaluating efficacy of treatment methods Room G4, S7, 
Phone 6773 3776
Clara Murray, DClinPsy
 Room G9, S7, 
Phone 6773 1793
William (Bill) Noble, PhD
Emeritus Professor 
Auditory localization, hearing impairment, behavioural evolution Top floor, S7, 
Phone 6773 2528
Wendy Phillips, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Cognitive models of behaviour, well-being, emotional regulation Room 48, S6, 
Phone 6773 3531
Ian Price, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Addictive behaviour, personality, psychological assessment Room 50, S6, 
Phone 6773 2653
Kylie Rice, PhD
 Room 47, S6, 
Phone 6773 4259
Adam Rock, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Altered states of consciousness. Room 40, S6, 
Phone 6773 3027
Nicola Schutte, PhD
Associate Professor
Positive psychology, emotional intelligence, self-efficacy, reading motivation Room 49, S6, 
Phone 6773 3779
Bruce Stevenson, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Cognitive psychology, language Room 28, S6, 
Phone 6773 2565
Einar Thorsteinsson, Ph.D.
Lecturer and Discipline Convenor
Neurobiology of learning, memory Room 56, S6, 
Phone 6773 3725
Liz Temple, PhD
Senior Lecturer
 Room G03, S7
Phone 6773 1760
Sue Watt, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Social psychology, prejudice, attitudes, stereotyping, migrant adjustment, internet behaviour Room 53, S6, 
Phone 6773 2153
Einar Thorsteinsson, PhD
Associate Professor
Health psychology, social support, adolescent coping, depression, anxiety, well-being, cardiovascular reactivity Room 41, S6, 
Phone 6773 2587
Psychology Fellows, Associates and Adjuncts
NameAreas of InterestContact Details
Brian Byrne
Emeritus Professor
Psychology of Language
International Twin Study
Room 1.10, S7,map
Phone: 6773 2370
Matthew Anderson
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Eric Belling
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Stephen Briggs
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Tamar Doff
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Natalie Green, DPSYCH
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Yvette Greenhalgh
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor  
Tanya Hanstock A/Prof
Adjunct Lecturer
Clinical Supervisor 
Callie Little, PhD
Research Fellow
International Twin StudyTop Floor, S7
Phone  6773 1703
John McMahon
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 

Frankie Merritt
Adjunct Associate Professor

Decolonisation, curriculum development and Aboriginal grief and
Daiva Newby, Ph.D.
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Peter Quain

Experimental Psychology, Psychophysiology, & Cognitive Science.

Julian Rote
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Peter Scollay
Adjunct Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor 
Harvey Irwin, Ph.D. Adjunct Associate ProfessorParapsychology Email:
Sarah Medland, Adjunct Associate Professor  
Bill Noble
Emeritus Professor
Tinnitus, Auditory Localization; Hearing Impairment; Behavioural Evolution S7, map
Phone: 6773 2528
Vivian Waddell
Adjunct Research Fellow
Rhonda Brown
Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Health, Clinical And Counselling Psychology

Psychiatry (Incl. Psychotherapy)
Professional Staff
Ms Felicity McKendrick
Acting Academic Manager
(02) 6773 5622
Ms Erin Rodgers
Senior Administrative Office, UNE Psychology Clinic 
(02) 6773 5462
Nicole Cameron
Resource Officer 
(02) 6773 4309
Mr Chris Lisle
Technical Manager 
(02) 6773 5192 
0477 378 143

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