Dr Liz Temple

Senior Lecturer - Faculty of Medicine and Health; School of Psychology

Liz Temple

Phone: +61 02 6773 1760

Email: etemple3@une.edu.au


BA, University of New England; MSc (Hons), University of Western Sydney; PhD, University of New England

Teaching Areas

Coordinator - Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced)

Research Interests

Liz’s research focuses on exploring the complex interrelationships between psychological functioning, social and emotional wellbeing, and physical health. This includes investigating the life circumstances and societal factors that can act to either support or undermine wellbeing, such as those contributing to psychological distress, problematic drug and alcohol use, and/or ill-health.

Research Supervision Experience

  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) group projects
  • PhD students within my areas of research interest


Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=sSS8iLkAAAAJ&hl=en

Academia.edu: https://une-au.academia.edu/LizTemple

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Elizabeth_Temple

Loop: http://loop.frontiersin.org/people/52939/overview

Journal Articles

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Books, Chapters, Reports & Conference Proceedings

Temple, E.C., Ridgeway, N. & Iagoe, C. (in press). Is it Beer O'Clock? Time Perspective and hazardous alcohol use in emerging adulthood. In U. Tokarska (Ed.) Applied Psychology of Time.

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