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Islamic studies at UNE promotes intelligent debate and an understanding of the beliefs, practices, cultures and values of Muslim peoples.

We consider the challenges Islam faces in the post 9/11 world with the espousal of an Islamic world order and the threat of terrorism represented by radicalised Muslims.

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

Study on campus in Armidale or fully online in your own home, or abroad.

International students will be considered on the basis of their qualifications, the strength of their research experience, and the viability of their research proposals.

Islamic studies major: From the courses below, link to the Course and Unit Catalogue, go to Course Rules and Plans, then scroll down to Program of Study.

Undergraduate courses

At the undergraduate level students study religion, history, politics, law, gender relations, economics, business, education and development, with the aim of bringing into focus the apparent volatile interaction of modernism and Islamic tradition.

Bachelor degrees

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Education (Secondary Arts)
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

Undergraduate diplomas

Advanced Diploma in Art

Honours and postgraduate courses

For postgraduate studies there are a number of routes available for Islamic Studies. Students can enrol in a discipline-based Honours and Masters program in History, International Studies, and Politics, or other cognate discipline, that will allow them to undertake research theses on aspects of Islam and which may qualify them to gain doctoral entry.


Bachelor of Arts with Honours

Postgraduate Coursework

Graduate Certificate in Arts
Master of Arts

Postgraduate Research

Master of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy


RELS180 Exploring the Sacred
RELS182 World Religions Today
HIST308 Crusader Europe 1095-1453
HIST343 Islam in the Modern World
ISLM344 Islam and the West: the Clash of Civilisations?
PAIS314 21st Century International Relations
PAIS315 Contemporary Challenges to Global Security
PAIS390 Politics in the Developing World
HIST508 Crusader Europe 1095-1453
PAIS514 21st Century International Relations
PAIS515 Contemporary Challenges to Global Security
PAIS590 Politics in the Developing world

There are a number of units which complement Islamic Studies, see the Course Rules & Plans tab of your enrolled course to see the recommended Program of Study for the Islamic Studies Major.

Undergraduate Research Units

HUMS 301 Special Option A

HUMS 505 Reading Unit A

HUMS 507 Major Research Project

HUMS 508 Major Research Project

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