Study Asian Studies

Looking for a course that broadens your knowledge and understanding of the world? Asian Studies introduces you to the societies, cultures, economies, politics and histories of Asia. We focus on the social forces at work shaping contemporary East, Southeast and South Asia.

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

There are a number of courses in which you can study Asian Studies units at both an undergraduate and graduate level.

Asian Studies at UNE can be combined with majors including Indonesian, Japanese or Chinese, Political & International Studies, History or Economics. Study on campus in Armidale or fully online in your own home, or abroad.

Please note there is no major in Asian Studies in any of the undergraduate courses listed. Asian Studies-type units may count as individual units.

Undergraduate courses

There are a number of courses in which you can study Asian Studies at both an undergraduate and graduate level.

Bachelor degrees

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of International Studies

Bachelor of International and Language Studies

Undergraduate diploma

Advanced Diploma in Arts

For Bachelor Honours see honours and postgraduate courses.

Honours and postgraduate courses

Postgraduate coursework units

The following Asian Studies units are available in postgraduate coursework awards.

CHIN525 Contemporary Chinese Culture

LING580 The Languages of Asia

PAIS518 Australia's Relations with Asia

PAIS552 International Human Rights

PAIS561 Sex, Crime and Corruption in Asia

PAIS563 Family, Women and the State in Asia

PAIS580 Dragon in Chains?: Contemporary Chinese Politics

PAIS590 Politics in the Developing World

RELS581 Chinese and Japanese Religion: A History

RELS586 Buddhism: A History

SOCY519 Globalisation, Development and Social Change


Undergraduate Units

Asian Studies units draw upon a range of disciplines including history, economics and political and international studies. Students are encouraged to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of Asia and its diversity.

CHIN211 Chinese Calligraphy

CHIN325 Contemporary Chinese Culture

CIJ210 Cultural Expression in Modern Asia

ECON345 The Elephant and the Dragon: India and China in the Asian Century

HIST195 Asian Pasts

HIST343 Islam in the Modern World

INDN315 Contemporary Indonesian Culture

ISLM344 Islam and the West: the Clash of Civilisations?

JAPN245 Introduction to Japanese Popular Culture

LING380 The Languages of Asia

PAIS113 International Relations of the Asia Pacific

PAIS318 Australia's Relations with Asia

PAIS352 International Human Rights

PAIS361 Sex, Crime and Corruption

PAIS380 Dragon in Chains? Contemporary Chinese Politics

RELS381 Chinese and Japanese Religion: A History

RELS386 Buddhism: A History

RELS392 Meditation in Eastern Religions

SOCY319 Global Societal Challenges

Career options for graduates

Many of our Asian Studies graduates have gained employment in both the government and private sectors.

Additionally, many have continued on to Honours and postgraduate degrees with us.

Further information

For more information about our courses and studying at UNE, please contact AskUNE.