Humanities Seminars

The weekly research seminar is usually held at 9.30 – 10.30am on Fridays in Oorala Lecture Theatre followed by morning tea in the Humanities tea room.  It is best to confirm this by checking the weekly advertisement in Events on the UNE home page.


For further details contact Karin von Strokirch.

Trimester Two, 2018 (July - October)

13 July

Anneke Van Mosseveld, UNE

Science and the Australian Army: Innovations in camouflage, machinery, anthropometrics and flower power

20 July

Tim Causer, University College London

The evacuation of that scene of wickedness and wretchedness’: Jeremy Bentham, the panopticon prison & New South Wales, 1802–3

27 July

Matthew Longo, Leiden University

The politics of borders: Sovereignty, security & the citizen after 9/11

3 August

Lesley McLean, Martin Gibbs, Jenny Wise & Tristan Taylor, UNE

Dark Tourism: Four Cases in Time and Space

10 August

David Kent, UNE

The Insolvent Debtors' Courts and a spotlight on early 19th century working-class business practices

17 August

Antonios Kotsonas, University of Cincinnati

The Cretan Labyrinth: Monument & Memory from Prehistory to the Present

24 August

Paul Barratt AO, UNE

Public sector outsourcing: Can we afford it?

14 September

Felicity Joseph, UNE

‘Mute Life’ and Poetry: Philosophy at the limits of language

21 September

Francois Soyer, UNE

Performing gender in Eighteenth-Century Europe: The extraordinary life and inquisitorial trial of Maria Duran

28 September

Lloyd Weeks, UNE

Three years on at Saruq al-Hadid, Dubai: Piecing together the late prehistoric societies of southeastern Arabia

5 October

Sandy Boucher, UNE

There is no (longer any) problem of biological teleology

12 OctoberLorina Barker, UNE - title to be advised

Trimester One, 2018 (March - June)

9 March

Professor Hans Taeuber,

Daily life in ancient Ephesos: The evidence from the graffiti

16 March

Peter J Crawford, How seriously does Australia take water security? Political assertion versus reality

23 March

Bronwyn Hopwood

The Good Wife: Fate, fortune, & familia in Augustan Rome

13 April

Jim Belshaw, New England travels: Journeys through space and time

4 May

Thomas Kehoe,

'Homicide was committed frequently by our soldiers': The problem for US military government during the World Wars

11 May

Alan Scott,

Populism and neo-nationalism in Europe: A tale of two countries

18 May

Iain Davidson, Signs, pictures, art, marks

25 May

Thomas Fudge, Where are all the women in the Hussite Revolution?

1 June

Mal Ridges, Caring for culture: The science of supporting Aboriginal culture in the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

15 June

Johanna Garnett, Myanmar and China: Economic allies in development or destruction?

22 June

Wendy Beck, The archaeology of Northeast NSW: Wetlands and cave excavations 1986-2016

29 June

Adrian Walsh, Desperate exchange and injustice

Trimester Two, 2017 (June - September)

30 Jun

Matthew Allen, The spectacle of disciplinary authority: The meaning of flogging in convict NSW

7 Jul

Edith Ziegler, Darling Mother, Darling Son: The correspondence of Leslie Walford and Dora Byrne, 1929-1972

14 Jul

Jerusha Hackworth (Skype), Empowerment through education? Female university students in post-conflict Sierra Leone

Sam Angulo Onapa, Dealing with estranged political relationships: A pre- requisite for sustainable peace in South Sudan

Debarchana Chakrabarty, What can social media deliver? Anna Hazare and India against corruption

21 Jul

Jayne Persian, Cold War Warrior: Vladimir Ležák Borin

28 Jul

Randall Albury and George Weisz, What the Madonna's elbow tells us about the health of manual labourers in Renaissance Italy

4 Aug

John Idriss Lahai, The Imagery of humanitarianism: Identity politics and the Ebola pandemic

11 Aug

Paul Barratt, Post-Traumatic Stress in Australian first responders

This is followed by UNE Museum of Antiquities unveiling two engravings (1500s) of Roman winged figures by Giovanni Battista de' Cavalieri

1 Sep

Mosmi Bhim, Comparing electoral autocracies in small island developing states

8 Sep

Jo Coghlan, The politics of fashion: Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama

15 Sep

Lachlan Grant, The challenges of interpreting the Holocaust in the Australian War Memorial’s Second World War gallery

22 Sep

James Wright, Bringing the dead to life: Scientific excavations of a Mycenaean chamber tomb cemetery in the Nemea Valley, Greece


Humanities Research Day – presentations by academic staff

Trimester One, 2017 (February - May)

24 February

Greg Horsley, Early Christianity in Pisidia: Assessing some problematic evidence

3 March

Thomas Fudge, The USS Liberty after 50 years: An unsolved mystery?

10 March

Marty Branagan, The Franklin River blockade: A case study of nonviolent direct action

17 March

Bronywn Hopwood, Licinia: A counterfactual inheritance and the ethics of empire

24 March

Declan Humphreys, The pleasure illusion: An analytic of how pleasure can be false

31 March

Jayne Persian, Cold War Warrior: Vladimir Ležák Borin

21 April

Sandy Boucher, Conceptual broadening, meaning change, and conventionalism

28 April

Thomas Kehoe, Built on tradition: The American vision for military government in Germany

5 May

Luke Godwin, A cluttered field: Issues associated with ‘best practice’ in Aboriginal cultural heritage management

12 May

Vanessa Bible, Love in an anthropogenic climate: Biophilia and environmental action

19 May

Graham Maddox, Republicanism in the interregnum

26 May

Confirmation of PhD candidature:

John Ahere, Kenyan politics and political violence

Neneh Bah, Gender responsiveness of Sierra Leone governance

Anita Wanki, Regional response to violence in Central African Republic

9.30 to 10.30am, Oorala lecture theatre, UNE followed by morning tea in the Humanities tea room


Video recordings of past seminars.