Adapting Peri-urban Planning to a Post-Productivist Landscape

Paul McFarland
 Geography and Planning, UNE

Thursday, September 3, 1 – 2 pm

C02 Lecture Theatre

Earth Sciences Building 

Increasing global urbanisation and the approach of peak ‘everything ‘ and a multi-faceted society (localisation, internationalisation, consumer focused, personalised) is escalating challenges for land use planning. Modes of decision-making influenced by a productivist ethos, relying on traditional ways of viewing land are unable to cope with the increasing complexity of the post-productivist era. The peri-urban is where competition for land between urban growth and preservation of rural resources and amenity is most visible. Peri-urban land is a highly contested, multi-functional geographical space. Focusing on peri-urban land use this paper suggests a new framework to address increasingly complex land use problems.