Geography and Planning Research Seminar Series

UNE's Geography and Planning discipline holds regular research seminars open to the public. Presenters include members of our own academic staff as well as guest speakers from other institutions. Abstracts and recordings of past seminars are available.

2016 seminars:

Wilderness: 40 years & 40,000 years - A research symposium held 13 May 2016, at Oorala Centre UNE

Session 1
Fiona Utley and Robyn Bartel Introduction and Publication plans
Stephen Harris and Fiona Utley Another walk on the wildside: a phenomenology of rewilding and edge lands
Marty Branagan The Franklin River: a case study of wilderness preservation (Part 1)
Bert Jenkins Wilderness Transcience
Navjot Bhullar Nature as Therapy: The role of green care in mental health
Marty Branagan The Franklin River: a case study of wilderness preservation. (Part 2)
Steve Norris and Tony Lynch Wilderness Triumphant
Session 2
Boyd Blackwell Mining Wilderness and Traditional Peoples: How to Transcend and Transform the Imbedded Conflicts Presented Through Multiple and Sequential Use of Remote Resources
Paul Reader Google-eyed wilderness: reconciling visual constructions of remote open spaces and places with other historical and Indigenous understandings
Wendy Beck Wilderness in the distant past- some New England reflections
Vanessa Bible and Tanya Howard History of the Australian Wilderness Preservation Movement and Environmental Law
Robyn Bartel, Don Hine,  Methuen Morgan,  & Graham Marshall Wilderness binaries and biodiversity management in urban settings (note moved from original programme, and note also Joshua Nash Apologies).

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2015 seminars:

DatePresenter Seminar title
24 Sept 2015 Celeste Young, Research Fellow,
Victoria University
The Role of Values in Decision Making & Bridging the Research to Practice Gap
10 Sept 2015 Dr Robyn Bartel, Senior Lecturer,
Geography and Planning, UNE

Heterotic Water Futures from a Quixotic Water Past?
Vernacular knowledge, transformative learning and syncretic governance in the Murray-Darling Basin

3 Sept 2015 Paul McFarland, Lecturer,
Geography and Planning, UNE
Adapting Peri-urban Planning to a Post-Productivist Landscape
13 Aug 2015 Professor Neil Argent,
Geography and Planning, UNE
Heading down to the local: Craft beer and local economic development in rural Australia
30 July 2015 James McGregor, Lecturer, Geography and Planning, UNE Fiction for the Creeping City: A literary Geography of the Postwar Melbourne Novel
14 May 2015

Dr Michael Reid, Senior Lecturer,
Geography and Planning, UNE

“Too many jumbucks in the billabong? Evidence of early post-European settlement impacts on billabongs of the Murray-Darling"

Launch 2015 seminar playlist

Recordings of previous years seminars can be accessed in the playlist below.