Overseas Language Study

Interested in studying a language in a country where it is spoken? You can! UNE offers two 24 credit point trimester-long Overseas Language Study units (OSLS391 and OSLS392), a 24 credit point Overseas Work Placement unit (OSWP300), and a 6 credit point In-Country Language Unit (ICLU300). You can also arrange to have specific units undertaken at a recognised institution and acceptable to the School counted as Advanced Standing towards your degree.

If you are studying one or more of the seven modern languages offered by UNE (Chinese [Mandarin], French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish), you may* enrol in one or more of the following units as part of your undergraduate degree program:

  • OSLS391 (Overseas Language Study 1; Trimester 1 or 2 or 3; 24 credit points)
  • OSLS392 (Overseas Language Study 2; Trimester 1 or 2 or 3; 24 credit points)
  • OSWP300 (Overseas Work Placement; Trimester 1 or 2; 24 credit points) Bachelor of Languages and International Business students only.
  • ICLU300 (In-country Language Unit; Trimester 1 or 2 or 3; 6 credit points). This unit is designed to accommodate intensive courses of a shorter duration than a full trimester.
  • By prior agreement with the Student Centre and Language Convenor, students may seek Advanced Standing (credit) for one or more individual units successfully completed at a university or other approved institution in a target-language country.

*Note that if you enrol in the Bachelor of Languages, the Bachelor of Languages and International Business, or the Bachelor of International and Language Studies, it is compulsory to undertake overseas language study.

OSLS391 and OSLS392

Overseas Language Study 1 (OSLS391) and Overseas Language Study 2 (OSLS392) are designed for students who wish to spend one or two trimesters (whether consecutively or separately) in a country where the language or languages being studied are spoken. Those studying in the Bachelor of Arts and other single and combined degrees are eligible to enrol, while candidates for the Bachelor of Languages and the Bachelor of International and Language Studies are required to take both units (consecutively or separately) as the intercalary year part of that degree's programme.

Candidates in the Bachelor of Languages and International Business study OSLS391 before doing either their overseas work placement (OSWP300 see below) or an additional trimester of overseas language study (OSLS392).

The unit requirements for both OSLS391 and OSLS392 are that students undertake a full-time course of study in a university or other approved institution of the target-language country agreed to in advance by the Head of the School. The course will consist of units of a number appropriate to the award of 24 UNE credit points and at a level or levels deemed suited to the linguistic and academic competence of the student. Students should normally have completed at least two years of the relevant language at university level. Successful completion of in-country study leads to a 'Satisfied Requirements' (SR) result for each OSLS unit undertaken. The School reserves the right to ask the student to submit a project, or submit herself/himself to any further examination that it may require.

OSLS students will go to universities with which UNE has formal exchange agreements (see below).

Some financial assistance may be available in connection with study at certain of these institutions. Information and assistance in selecting an appropriate university is available from the relevant discipline convenor in Arts.

Each of OSLS391 and OSLS392 is available in any one of the three UNE trimesters to allow for non-consecutive study and the difference between the academic years in the northern and southern hemispheres. The trimester in which students enrol in OSLS depends on the actual starting date of in-country study, and students are encouraged to liaise with their lecturers to discuss the best option for their overseas language study well in advance of submitting their application to the School. OSLS391 and OSLS392 are HECS-liable units.

If you intend to enrol in OSLS391 and/or OSLS392, please complete and return the application form. This should normally be done by 31 March for study beginning in the following August/September/October AND (if at all possible) January/February. Approved applicants will then receive a letter from the Head of School authorising enrolment by the Student Administration. UNE examinations which fall during OSLS enrolment may be taken at the overseas university. Informing the UNE Examinations Unit of the Student Administration in good time of the details of in-country study and obtaining any necessary student visa are the sole responsibility of the student and not of the School, which can, however, give advice on these and related matters. Students must notify their new contact details and any subsequent address changes immediately to the School (via myUNE on the Current Students webpage).

Universities with which UNE has exchange agreements

OSLS students will go to universities with which UNE has formal exchange agreements. Currently, agreements or bilateral exchange agreements exist with specific universities/institutions in:


Overseas Work Placement (OSWP300) is designed for students in the Bachelor of Languages and International Business (BLIB) who have completed two years of foreign language and international business units. Students undertake overseas study
(OSLS391) at one of UNE's partner institutions and then undertake an overseas work placement. Overseas work placement is the responsibility of each qualifying student. This includes obtaining proper travel documentation and approaching prospective employers for possible internships, apprenticeships,
or temporary employment abroad. The unit requires a comprehensive report (to be determined by the unit coordinator) on the work experience gained while overseas, identification of cultural differences in work ethos, and reflective commentary.

Please note that this unit is administered by the UNE Business School. All queries should be directed to the Unit Coordinator listed on the Course and Unit Catalogue.


In-Country Language Unit (ICLU300) is designed to accommodate students who wish to undertake an intensive course in language or language/culture, offered by a university, commercial or university-come-commercial provider in a country of the target language. The course shall be agreed to by, and acceptable in advance to, the Head of the School. The Head of School will ascertain that the student has satisfactorily completed an appropriate course, deemed equivalent to 150 hours of study, at a recognised institution in a target-language

Advanced Standing

For students intending to spend one or two trimesters in-country but who either do not wish to study full-time or wish to gain credit for specified units within a full- or part-time study program, a third possibility is Advanced Standing. This can be granted if, prior to departure from Australia, the student nominates a unit or units at the overseas university acceptable to the School and to the Student Centre. On successful completion of the unit(s), an agreed number of credit points will be awarded which can count towards a UNE degree.

If you intend to study in-country under the Advanced Standing provision, please contact the Student Centre about the necessary procedure. This should be done well before departure overseas and at least one month before in-country study is due to begin.

Further information

Further information about in-country language study can be obtained from the relevant discipline convenors or from the Head of School.

Applications for OSLS391 and/or OSLS392 should be sent to:

School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
University of New England
Armidale NSW 2351

E-mail: artsadmin@une.edu.au