Assessment Marking

On this page you will find information about the processes for marking assessments.

Moderation Processes

Moderation is the process of ensuring that assessment criteria are consistently applied by different markers and that grades are allocated consistently with reference to how well the stipulated criteria are met.

UNE's Assessment Procedures states:

(30) Moderation of Assessment Marking Standards

a. Moderation is required where there is an element of subjectivity in the evaluation of an assessment task and more than one marker is involved in marking assessment tasks in the unit.

b. For the purposes of moderation:

i. the assessment criteria (and rubric, if used) must be distributed to all markers prior to moderation of marking of the assessment task;

ii. assessment criteria (and rubric, if used) are the elements by which the quality of Student work is judged against the desired learning outcomes;

iii. standards (such as those outlined in a rubric) describe the levels of achievement attained; and

iv. the sample of papers selected for moderation should be a minimum of three (3) and cover the spread in grades, prior to markers discussing and agreeing on the application of standards against the assessment criteria.

(Assessment Procedures, Marking, Marking Standards and Moderation)

Members of the teaching team mark assignments providing that this is feasible in terms of School workloads. It is possible that some assignments will be marked by other staff in Arts or by casual academic staff appointed for the purpose of assisting the teaching team.

If this occurs, the School's standard quality assurance procedures will apply. That is, all markers will be suitably qualified to assess work in the disciplinary field of the unit and they will know the unit materials, assessment aims and marking criteria. In the written feedback on assessment, it will be clearly indicated who marks each assignment.

The distribution of assignments for marking is overseen by the Unit Coordinator, who also monitors marking if it is undertaken by markers appointed beyond the teaching team, for appropriate moderation and quality assurance purposes.

The Unit coordinator is responsible for ensuring marking competence, fairness and consistency through the enlistment of suitably qualified staff, the provision of marking guidelines to staff, and the practice of 'check marking', that is, a second marking by a different marker, where the first marker suggests Fail result.

Return of Assessments

Normally, assessments submitted on time are marked and despatched within 30 consecutive days of the final date for submission or extension date.

The UNE Assessment Procedures states:

(28) Return of Assessment

a. Returnable assessment items (other than scripts from supervised examinations) should be marked and returned within thirty (30) consecutive days after the final date for submission or extension date.

b. This does not apply to a unit wholly assessed by thesis or dissertation.

(Assessment Procedures, Marking, Marking Standards and Moderation)

UNE Grading System

The grading system used at UNE can be found in the Assessment Procedures under University Grading System.

Penalties for Late Assessments

Assignments received after the due date WITHOUT an extension of time having been approved will be penalised.

  1. Where an assignment is up to two weeks late, a penalty will be imposed of 2% per day or part thereof of the marks available for that assignment. The penalty will accrue on both weekdays and weekends including public holidays (ie. 14% per week).
  2. An assignment received more than two weeks late will receive no marks.

At the Unit Coordinator’s discretion, exceptional circumstances may be considered if they are supported by documentary evidence.

Students should be aware that late assignments submitted more than one week late may be returned with a significantly reduced level of, or no, feedback.

Please note that if an extension is obtained for the final assignment, it is unlikely that the work will be returned before the examination.

All coursework assignments must be submitted before the start of the examination period for trimester units unless the student has been granted a Special Extension of Time.