Assessment Extensions

If you should find yourself in difficulties and are unable to submit an assignment by the due date, it is important that, before that due date, you request an extension.

Please note that an extension cannot be granted by the School, through its procedures as set out below, beyond the end of the examination period for that trimester. For an extension beyond the end of the examination period, students must apply for a Special Extension of Time.

Important information about assessment extensions

You will need to have a good, documented reason as to why an extension is being requested, such as sickness or unforeseen circumstances at work. Extensions will not normally be granted for reasons of computer trouble, foreseeable work commitments or inability to manage study load.

It is important for students to note that extensions may not be available for certain assignments such as many on-line tasks.  Students should check Unit information and not simply assume that extensions are available for a particular piece of assignment work. Unless otherwise indicated, quizzes and take-home examinations must be completed during the period for which they are open for submission and extensions are not possible.

Note: Assignments that have received an extension may be returned with a significantly reduced level of criticism and commentary. If an extension is obtained for the final assignment, it is unlikely that the work will be returned before the examination period. Assignments submitted late without an extension may receive a mark only, without commentary.

Some examples of supporting documentation for assessment extension applications


Supporting documentation

Medical grounds Signed medical certificate stating:
  • the date on which the student was examined; and
  • the doctor's opinion of the effect on the student's ability to complete the assignment.
A medical certificate which merely states any of the following is unacceptable:
  • "not fit for duty"; or
  • "suffering from a medical condition".
Unforeseen work commitments (that is, work not part of usual duties, unexpected or unavoidable). Letter from employer (or a statutory declaration if self-employed).
Other grounds, comprising extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control, e.g. death in the family, victim of crime, carer's illness. A statutory declaration and/or other supporting evidence, e.g. death notice, police report.
Penalties for Late Assessments

Assignments received after the due date WITHOUT an extension of time having been approved will be penalised.

  1. Where an assignment is up to two weeks late, a penalty will be imposed of 2% per day or part thereof of the marks available for that assignment. The penalty will accrue on both weekdays and weekends including public holidays (ie. 14% per week).
  2. An assignment received more than two weeks late will receive no marks.

At the Unit Coordinator’s discretion, exceptional circumstances may be considered if they are supported by documentary evidence.

Students should be aware that late assignments submitted more than one week late may be returned with a significantly reduced level of, or no, feedback.

Please note that if an extension is obtained for the final assignment, it is unlikely that the work will be returned before the examination.

All coursework assignments must be submitted before the end of the examination period for trimester units unless the student has been granted a Special Extension of Time.

How to request an extension for Arts units only

Please note that the extension you request cannot extend beyond  the end of the examination period. All work must be submitted prior to  the end of the examination period.

NOTE: If you are enrolled in units in another School, you must use that School's extension request system. Any extension requests for units in other Schools cannot be processed by the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. It is your responsibility to submit your extension request to the correct School.

Extensions of up to one week beyond the due date

If you are enrolled in units in English, Media & Communications, Writing, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Theatre & Performance (units with codes ENGL, COMM, WRIT, CHIN, FREN, GRMN, INDN, ITAL, JAPN, SPAN, CIJ, THEA, ARTS), you must email your request before the due date to

Music units (coded MUSI) should email extension requests before the due date to


In the subject line: Include the unit code (e.g. WRIT101), as well as the assignment number and your student number.

In the body of the email: Include your full name and a contact phone number. Briefly explain your reasons for requesting an extension.

On your assignment coversheet (or, for submission, in a clear position at the start of your assignment): Indicate that you have been granted an extension (the marker will verify this against the email record of your request for an extension).

Please follow these instructions carefully. If you fail to do so, your extension may be rendered invalid.

Provided that you have followed all these conditions, you may assume that your extension has been granted.

You should receive a reply by email, confirming the length and conditions of your extension, however if you request more than one extension in the same week, you may only receive a reply to the first request. Be assured that all requests sent to this address will be logged and passed on to your Unit coordinator, regardless of whether you receive a reply from us.

Students who are genuinely unable to request an extension by email will need to contact one of the School Administrative Assistants by emailing (do not contact the Unit Coordinator). Please be aware that administrative staff are only available during normal office hours and may not always answer their phones. It is your responsibility to make sure you allow enough time to make contact.

Extensions of more than one week beyond the due date

Only in exceptional circumstances will an extension greater than one week be granted. Extensions of more than week beyond the due date must be arranged directly with the Unit Coordinator before the assignment due date and will require supporting documentation such as a medical certificate (see above under 'Important information about assignment extensions' for acceptable and unacceptable circumstances for requesting an extension).

Where possible, contact the Unit Coordinator by email. Be aware that Academic staff are frequently away from their offices and may not always answer their telephones. It is your responsibility to make sure you allow enough time to make contact. Unit coordinators will usually ask you to attach documentation supporting your request for an extension to your assignment upon submission.

The length of time granted for an extension will be dependent upon the nature, severity and duration of the grounds for the application.

The Unit Coordinator may take into consideration the applicant's prior history of assignment extensions.

Special Assessments

UNE offers Special Assessments where students are unable to meet assessment requirements under specific circumstances.  The Assessment Procedures say that:

(24) Special Assessment

d. The circumstances under which an application for a special assessment may be required include the following:

i.  Failure to sit an examination.  A Student who has not attended the University examination for a unit because of illness or other unavoidable circumstances may apply for a special examination.

ii.  Adverse performance in an examination.  A Student, who sat the examination but believes that their performance in the examination was adversely affected by illness or other unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances before or during the examination, may apply for a special examination or special consideration.  In general, the Head of School will require evidence of more severe disruption leading up to or during the original examination in order to grant a special examination rather than special consideration.

iii.  Failure to complete an assessment task.  A Student who has been prevented by illness or other unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances from completing any compulsory assessment task other than a formal examination may apply for a special extension of time.

Please read the Assessment Procedures, section 24, to ensure you apply for the correctly.

Special Examination

If you are unable to sit your exam or if your performance in the exam was severely affected, you may apply for a Special Examination. This is subject to approval, so it is always best that you attend your examination if you possibly can.

Special Consideration

If your circumstances do not merit a Special Examination, you may apply for Special Consideration so that the Unit Coordinator can apply some discretion when marking your paper. If you have not sat/will not sit the exam you MUST apply for a Special Exam.

Special Extension of Time (SET)

A student who is enrolled in a course which is not subject to formal examination, or which the formal examination is the basis of a part of the total assessment, and who has been prevented through illness or other unavoidable circumstances from completing, by the specified date, work which the School considers essential, may seek a Special Extension of Time in which to complete the work. Special Extensions of Time apply to an assignment(s) that is unable to be submitted prior to the last day of the examination period.

Forms for applying for special assessment

Forms for applying for any of these Special Assessments are available on the Forms and Procedures page. You can find them towards the bottom of the list under "s".