About Academic Quality

The Academic Quality Unit sits within the portfolio of the Provost and Deputy Vice Chancellor, and provides support to UNE’s governance committees and senior executive.

The Academic Quality Unit:

  • manages UNE’s quality assurance processes, which are a key component to ensuring UNE’s compliance with the Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF) and UNE’s registration as a higher education provider under the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) Act
  • provides information and reporting that supports continuous improvement of UNE’s quality assurance processes, including school reviews, course reviews, course monitoring, unit monitoring, benchmarking, and course accreditation
  • provides data analysis and recommendations to UNE’s academic governance and management bodies, to inform and support effective strategic decision-making
  • monitors the sector to identify and respond to issues affecting academic quality in the higher education space
  • manages, coordinates and analyses results of internal and external student surveys, supporting effective decision making within the quality improvement cycle
  • manages the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) for UNE
  • is responsible for the ongoing development of the Quality Assurance rule (previously Academic Quality Management Policy) and all relevant procedures.

The team

Meet the people who make up the Academic Quality Unit within the portfolio of the Provost and Deputy Vice Chancellor at UNE.

Paul Corcoran — Director

  • Provides high level information, reporting, advisory and decision-support services to the University’s academic governance and management functions
  • Provides high level advice regarding compliance with Higher Education policy and regulations
  • Manages UNE quality framework and all academic quality review processes
  • Manages UNE statutory compliance reporting
  • Oversees production of all papers and reports produced on behalf of the PDVC for the UNE Council, Committees, Government bodies and Regulators
  • Manages and coordinate UNE’s registration under the TEQSA Act.

Kaylene Moses — HEPPP Program Manager

  • Conceptualise, develop and manage HEPPP funded activities and projects
  • Manage HEPPP budgets for the suite of projects being run
  • Provide quality assurance regarding the HEPPP projects within the portfolio
  • Prepare and submit HEPPP reporting for government departments and UNE committees.

Tracey McLauchlin — Academic Quality Manager

  • Coordinate and manage analysis and reporting associated with academic governance at UNE
  • Manage academic quality and standards projects including policy development, quality assessments, benchmarking processes
  • Prepare and submit reports as required by UNE committees and government departments and regulatory bodies
  • Monitor Quality Assurance rule and associated procedures.

TBA — Academic Quality Officer

  • Manage compliance for academic quality including course and accreditation reviews
  • Monitor annual review cycle and manage all necessary activities
  • Liaise with schools and faculties in relation to quality processes, and train appropriate staff in understanding and use of available reports and data, as and when required
  • Manage compliance register for all academic quality tasks and activities.

TBA — Academic Quality and Analytics Officer

  • Analyse data, interpret data and prepare all Unit Monitoring reports for UNE committees
  • Analyse, interpret and report on all student feedback for UNE committees
  • Research, interpret and prepare and ad hoc school and faculty reporting as and when required
  • Research and interpret sectoral information for UNE committees.

Simon Ostler — Survey Analyst

  • Analyse, interpret and report on QILT surveys (Graduate Outcomes, Student Experience Survey, Graduate Outcomes Survey-Longitudinal, Employer Satisfaction Survey)
  • Conduct analysis on competitor outcomes to support benchmarking activities
  • Research and interpret sector information for UNE committees.

David Lucas — Survey Officer

  • Manage unit monitoring surveys
  • Manage school leaver surveys, such as HSC Booster days and the GRASS project.

Stephanie Kentish — HEPPP Project Officer

  • Assist with AQ HEPPP funded projects
  • Coordinate HEPPP bursary activity
  • Coordinate HEPPP events calendar for all HEPPP projects conducted during 2018


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