Dr Marg Rogers

Lecturer, Early Childhood Education - School of Education

Marg Rogers

Phone: +61 2 6773 2218

Email: mbaber@une.edu.au


Marg is a Lecturer in the Early Childhood Education team within the School of Education.

In a previous role, she worked as an Educational Partnership Broker, creating partnerships through school, business and community that have a learning outcome for birth to 25 year olds. She also taught at the New England Conservatorium of Music running early childhood music and movement classes.  Previously Marg ran a music tuition business 'Moree Music' for 7 years. This included council early intervention contracts, instrumental tuition, early childhood music, movement and language programs, infants and primary school bands with community involvement.  Marg has taught in adult education colleges, preschools, childcare, infants, primary and high schools in NSW, Tasmania and the Northern Territory in the creative arts and literacy. Marg is passionate about the effects of movement, dance and music on early childhood development and the impact of wellbeing, family life, nutrition and exercise on children.


Doctor of Philosophy (Examiners: Professor Anne Farrell, Professor Jennifer Sumsion, Doctor Wendy Boyd)
Masters Learning Innovation (Early Childhood)

Graduate Certificate of Language Education (ESL)
Graduate Diploma of Education (Music)

Bachelor of Creative Arts (Music)



Primary English Teaching Association Australia (PETAA)
Australian Association for Research in Education
Early Childhood Australia (ECA)

Reviewing and editing

Policies in Future Education (SAGE Journals) (reviewer)
Australian Journal of Education (reviewer)
Oxford University Press (textbooks) (reviewer)
School of Education Research Newsletter (UNE) (assistant editor)

Consultancy Interests

As a consultant, Marg has run workshops, in-services and training sessions for educators and families in a number of education settings.

Teaching Areas

Early Childhood
Families, communication, speech development, literacy
Creative Arts

Research Interests

Marg's current research interests are about young children's understanding and experiences of deployment within an Australian Defence Force (ADF) family. She is also working on a joint project with Jo Bird on ‘Exploring educators use of technologies in early childhood settings’, and an app project, creating an app for ADF families.

Conference presentations at UNE:

  • UNE Postgraduate Research Conference - 2018, Armidale. 'Young children's understanding of parental deployment within an Australian Defence Force (ADF) family'. Awarded Speaker of the Day (Day 2).
  • UNE Postgraduate Conference – 2017 ‘Results: What are young children’s experiences of parental deployment within an ADF family?’
  • UNE Postgraduate Conference – 2016 ‘Methodology: Listening to children’s voices using Mosaic research'

Other conference presentations:

  • Early Childhood Australia 2016 Darwin conference ‘Supportive and effective partnerships with families when a parent works away from home’
  • 7th International Early Childhood Art 2017 Bhutan conference ‘Listening to children’s voices through art: Mosaic research

Grants, Awards and Funding

2017 University of New England School of Education Research Funding within the ePedagogy and eLearning group. ‘App creation as a research output and an eLearning and ePedagogical tool for early childhood’ (Rogers & Bird). Total of grant: $1530.00

2017 University of New England School of Education Research Funding within the ePedagogy and eLearning group. ‘Digital  Play  Framework  (DPF)  intervention’ (Bird & Rogers). Total of grant: $1523.82

2016 University of New England School of Education Research Funding within the ePedagogy and eLearning group. ‘Exploring educators use of technologies in early childhood settings’ (Bird & Rogers). Total of grant: $1505.00

2015 University of New England School of Education Research Funding within the Education and Impact on Student Learning group. ‘Linking pre-service education with school expectations’ (Feez, Fussell, Porter & Baber [Rogers]). Total of grant: $1968.63


Bird, J., & Rogers, M. (2018). Utilising the digital play framework to support early childhood educators and children’s learning. School of Education Research Newsletter, 2, 2-5. https://www.une.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0007/229192/Volume-2-Issue-2.pdf

Rogers, M. (2018). Listening to children’s voices through art: Communicating experiences and understandings in Mosaic research. International Art in Early Childhood Research Journal, 1(1), 1-19. http://artinearlychildhood.org/journals/2018/ARTEC_2018_Research_Journal_1_Article_5_Roger.pdf

Rogers, M. (2017). Empowering children through the creative arts: Is it possible to access the voice of 2-5 year olds? Linking research to the practice of education, 1, 2-3. https://www.une.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0013/172003/soe_newsletterv1.2.pdf

Rogers-Baber, M. (2017). Protective factors in families: Themes from a socio-ecological study of Australian Defence Force families experiencing parental deployment. SAGE Open Access, 7(2). doi:10.1177/2158244017706711.  Available from http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/2158244017706711

Baber, M. (2016). Narrative, Acculturation and Ritual: Themes from a Socio-ecological Study of Australian Defence Force Families Experiencing Parental Deployment. Children Australia, 41(2), 141-153. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/cha.2016.8

Baber, M., Fussell, M., & Porter, K. (2015). Liam's story: So why do I wear Dad's medals? (S. Feez Ed.). Mt. Victoria, Australia: Pademelon Press. ISBN 9781876138431. https://www.pademelonpress.com.au/liam-s-story-so-why-do-i-wear-dad-s-medals.html

Further Information

Community Service

2017 Drum Sergeant and Committee member, Armidale Pipe Band

2012-current Tenor drummer, Armidale Pipe Band

2014-16 Board Member, Armidale and District Family Day Care

2003-2010 Director and Conductor, managing volunteer parents and community members, event management, arranging music, resourcing, fundraising, writing grant applications, Moree Public School and Community Band

2002-04 President Parents and Friends, Grace Lutheran Preschool Moree

2004 State Representative for conferences, P&C Moree Primary School

2004 Member, Moree Bursary Committee (Music)

2003 Public Officer - Management Committee, Grace Lutheran Preschool

2000 Committee Member, Tennant Creek Toy Library

1999-2000 Craft and Social Coordinator, Tennant Creek Playgroup