The School of Science and Technology possesses a unique combination of pure and applied sciences, encompassing Physics, Chemistry, Human Biology and Physiology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Exercise and Sports Science and Pharmacy. It is therefore not surprising that our staff contribute to a wide range of 'flagship' areas across the university including environmental and rural sciences, health and medical science and education.

Our School offers a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Applied Physics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Forensic Science, Genetics, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physiology and Statistics. We also offer Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology as well as a number of science based Combined Majors, Advanced Diplomas, Graduate Certificates and Doctoral degrees. Further details can be found at Study Areas.

Importantly we are also committed to Research and development around SMART Science and SMART Living. The School strives to initiate, and drive key multidisciplinary research areas, hosting internationally recognised research around bioactive discovery in health and ageing, sports and exercise science, intelligent engineering, computing science and secure IT solutions, precision agriculture, spatio-temporal statistics, mathematical analysis and modelling, sensing and processing technologies, neuroscience and animal behaviour, chemistry and molecular biology.

The School of Science and Technology is also involved in the running of a number of unique annual events that offer both school children and members of the public alike a real hands on experience using the Schools facilities. A number of our events have gone from strength to strength over the past years, to find out more please check out our Events page.

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