Professor Neil Smart

Professor in Exercise and Sports Science - School of Science and Technology

Neil Smart

Phone: +61 2 6773 4076



Neil is a researcher and teacher in the degrees of Exercise and Sports Science and Clinical Exercise Physiology. Neil is an Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA) accredited exercise physiologist and ESSA fellow.


  • BSc (Hons), M.Med, PhD
  • ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist
  • Level 2 Football (Soccer) License

Teaching Areas

Neil teaches units in exercise physiology, exercise testing, exercise prescription for disease populations, exercise training and patho-physiology of chronic disease.

Research Interests

Neil's main research interests is the management of chronic disease with isometric handgrip exercise (IRT) and high intensity interval exercise (HIIT). Neil has worked extensively with people with heart failure and type II diabetes. Neil has also completed several meta-analyses of the various benefits of exercise training in patients with chronic disease such as heart failure and renal failure. It is hoped that a rehabilitation clinic will be developed at UNE so the local community can access the benefits of regular physical exercise.

Major Grants

2017 National Institute of Health Reserach (U.K.) Health Technology Assessment Programme: Reference: 15/80/30 Exercise-based rehabilitation for chronic heart failure (ExTraMATCH II): An individual participant data meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. GBP170,000.

2009-2011 National Health and Medical Research Council, Asutralia. Grant ID376601: “Stepforward“ $788K

Other Funding

Healthy Highlanders Lifestyle Program. $570K Awarded to Guyra City Council, NSW for funding period 2012-14.


Selected Publications

Orcid ID
Researcher ID E-6822-2011

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