Dr Stephen Wood

Associate Professor - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Stephen Wood

Phone: +61 2 6773 2804

Email: stephen.wood@une.edu.au


BTP (Hons) UNSW, PhD Melbourne

Teaching Areas

GEPL302/ GEPL502 – Architecture & Urban Design
GEPL350/ GEPL550 – Access & Mobility
GEPL124 - Planning for Land Use & Built Form

Supervision Areas

  • Planning theory
  • Urban design
  • Urban character
  • Creative cities
  • Retail planning
  • Theories of place and space

Research Interests

Stephen Wood was awarded a PhD in 2004 for his thesis 'Desiring Docklands: Deleuze and urban planning discourse'. He was then engaged in a research project at the University of Melbourne entitled 'What is Urban Character? Defining, constructing and regulating urban place identity.' Stephen has worked as a planner at both state and local levels in New South Wales and Victoria. He joined UNE in 2007 and is the Course Co-ordinator for the Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning, the Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning, and the Master of Urban and Regional Planning.

Grants Awarded

2009-2011, Australian Research Council (Discovery-Project Grant), Prof. Kim Dovey, Dr Stephen Wood, Planning the 'Creative' City: Reconciling global strategies with local subcultures, 3 years, $355,000.


Book Chapters

Baker, R.G.V and Wood, S. (2012) Geographical modelling, public policy and informing the 'store wars' sovereignty debate in Australia, in Stimson, R.J & Haynes, K.E. (eds) Applied Geography: Using Geographic Analysis to Address Real World Problems & Issues, in press.

Dovey K., Woodcock, I. & Wood, S. (2009) Slippery Characters: Defending and creating place identities, in: Dovey, K. (ed) Becoming Places: Urbanism / architecture / identity / power, London, Routledge, pp. 57-78.

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Wood, S. (2005) 'Refacing the City: The Melbourne Docklands' in Long, C., Shaw, K. & Merlot, C. (eds) Suburban Fantasies: Melbourne unmasked, Kew, Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing, pp. 50-67.

Wood, S. & Dovey, K. (2005) 'Constructing Desires' in Dovey, K. Fluid City: Transforming Melbourne's urban waterfront, London: Routledge, pp. 207-215.

Journal Articles

Wood, S., Sneesby, T. and Baker, R.G.V. (2012) Maintaining Town Centre Vitality in Competitive Environments: Pedestrian movements, land-use and built-form in Armidale and Tamworth, NSW, Australian Planner, 49 (2), pp. 172-187.

Wood, S. (2010) Desiring Docklands: Deleuze and urban planning discourse, Urban Planning International, 2010 (5), pp. 60-72 (re-print of 2009 Planning Theory paper).

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Woodcock, I. Dovey, K. and Wood, S. (2008) The Character of the Compact City: Intensification and resident opposition, Urban Planning International, 23 (5), pp. 35-43.

Other Publications

Wood, S. (2012) 'Book Review – Thinking Planning and Urbanism, B.M. Milroy (2009)', Planning Theory, 11 (1), pp. 107-111.

Conference Papers

Wood, S. and Baker, R.G.V (2011) Consuming Spaces or Living Places: The competition policy and centres policy dilemma for Main Street planning, 3rd World Planning Schools Congress, Perth, Australia.

Dovey, K. and Wood, S. (2011) Public/Private Interfaces in the Inner City: Types, diagrams, assemblages, Proceedings, State of Australian Cities Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

Wood, S., Dovey, K. & Woodcock, I. (2006) Contesting Characters at Hedgeley Dene, in Basson, S. (ed) Contested Terrains, Society of Architectural Historians of Australia & New Zealand (SAHANZ) Proceedings, Perth, pp. 599-606.

Dovey, K., Wood, S. & Woodcock, I. (2005) 'What is Urban Character? The Case of Camberwell', Proceedings, State of Australian Cities Conference, Brisbane, pp. 0911 - 09-14.

Dovey, K., Wood, S. & Woodcock, I. (2005) 'Contradictory Characters: Place-Identity and the Post-Suburban City', in Anderson, K., Dobson, R., Allon, F., and Neilson, B. (eds) After Sprawl: Post-Suburban, Proceedings of 'Post-Suburban Sydney: The City in Transformation' Conference, Parramatta, Sydney.

Woodcock, I., Dovey, K. & Wood, S. (2004) 'Limits to Urban Character', in Edquist, H. & Frichot, H. (Eds) Limits, Society of Architectural Historians of Australia & New Zealand (SAHANZ) Proceedings, Vol 2, Melbourne, pp. 545-550.