Dr Oliver Knox

Senior Lecturer - School of Environmental and Rural Science

Oliver Knox

Phone: +61 2 6773 2946

Email: oknox@une.edu.au


I am originally from Scotland and have degrees from the University of Aberdeen in Genetics and Plant and Soil Sciences. I worked in Australia in the cotton industry from 2003 to 2008 before returning to Scotland to take up a teaching and research post working mainly on bulky organic fertilisers in various agricultural systems. I came to Armidale in 2014 to take up a post co-funded by the Cotton RDC, and am the co-ordinator of the Cotton Hub at UNE, which seeks to deliver cross disciplinary work on the issues affecting production of sustainable cotton.

My interests are in cropping systems and how the plant, abiotic and biotic soil components interact. This means I have relatively broad interest that range from farm management decisions to the microscopic life that dwells in the soils and anything that helps to pull these together.


BSc (Hons), PhD

Research Interests

  • Plant/microbial interactions,
  • Nematology,
  • GM plants,
  • Bulky organic fertilisers,
  • Phosphorus and soil science.

Cotton Hub at UNE


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Book Chapters and Occasional Proceedings

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