Dr Ivor Growns

Research Fellow - School of Environmental and Rural Science

Ivor Growns


I am a Research Fellow with 25 years postdoctoral experience in primarily in macroinvertebrate and fish ecology. My research career has been concerned with understanding the effects of anthropogenic disturbances to aquatic ecosystems and the relationships between river fauna and flow regimes. These two paths have led to my interest and current research in the area of environmental management of aquatic ecosystems. I have produced over 120 scientific and oral papers and technical reports. My latest research, amongst other things, has involved understanding the potential benefits of river flows to rivers and wetlands.


Ph.D., B.Sc (Hons), Grad Cert Biometrics

Research Interests

  • Environmental flows
  • Aquatic ecology specialising in macroinvertebrate and fish ecology
  • Natural and water resource management
  • Biometrics and statistical analysis
  • Ecological monitoring and assessment and experimental design
  • GIS and Spatial Modelling


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