Water Economics and Infrastructure Cost Study for Moree Plains Shire Spa Water Industry

The project undertook a pre-feasibility analysis of options to dispose of/utilise saline wastewater from the spa industry presently being disposed of into the Mehi River in Moree, NSW. The project evaluated the potential for the construction of a desalination plant and the construction and running of a dam that would be either the temporary or (part of) the eventual solution (or suite of solutions). These options were evaluated with respect to their ability to sustainably and cost-effectively remove/re-use the wastewater.

The project team also evaluated the value of the waste or treated water and provided estimates of the breakeven value of the water required to ensure the activities were environmentally sustainable and economically viable. The study also discussed expectations for the water market and potential future value. Specifically, the project provided:

  1. Detailed benefit/cost analysis of selected alternative disposal/reuse options.
  2. Understanding of the potential value of water and the factors that may influence its future value.

Completed in 2006

Funded by: Moree Plains Shire Council

Contact: Ian Patrick