RMCam Development

RMCam Development was the full commercialisation of RMCam technology and UNE Vision service provision for telemetry services and video functions in remote situations. This project sought to bring to fruition a commercial supply of RMCams and server-side operating system for internet protocol data.

The project was conducted in partnership with Telstra to deliver a national platform for remote video monitoring.

A trial was funded by Telstra, involving supply and delivery of 10 RMCams units to trial participants for installation on their premises. The usage of the RMCam during the trial was monitored and a range of socio-economic, situational and demographic data collected from trial participants. The data included assessments of return on investment or commercial returns from the use of the RMCam and testimonial statements about the RMCam.

Completed in 2008

Funded by: UNE Vice-Chancellor's Strategic Fund, and Telstra

Contact: The Institute for Rural Futures