Developing Efficient Behaviours and Practices to Avoid Household Food Wastage Literature Review

This project involved a review of Australian and international literature on food waste avoidance and household food waste behaviour to support the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) in its efforts to develop a Food Waste Avoidance program.  The goals of the review included: clarifying and defining food wastage; summarising the key economic, social and environmental impacts of household food wastage in NSW and Australia; summarising and interpreting the pro-environmental behaviour literature relevant to the design of a household food waste avoidance program; identifying similar programs and relevant community segmentations to explain variation in food waste avoidance behavioural uptake; and providing a series of recommendations specific to the NSW program.

Completed in 2010

Funded by: NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water

Contact: Ian Reeve