Evaluation of Wool 4 Wealth Extension Program

The Wool 4 Wealth program is an Australian Wool Innovation education, extension and adoption program that aims to increase the profits of NSW sheep and wool producers through the development of the business and production skills of owners, managers and their families.  It is a group-based program being delivered across New South Wales by local producer group organisers, coordinators and specialist advisors.  The Institute for Rural Futures is undertaking formative evaluation to monitor the delivery of the training to ensure the participants feel that it is assisting them to make appropriate on-farm changes which result in improved profitability and sustainability.  The Institute is also carrying out a summative evaluation that will determine at the end of the program the impact on farm profitability, and relevant social and environmental factors. 

Completed in 2008

Funded by: Mike Stephens and Associates

Contact: Ian Reeve