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Two online courses available

1. Consent Matters

Consent Matters is an interactive and evidence-based online course covering the areas of sexual consent, communication and relationships, and bystander intervention.

This course explores the nature of sexual consent. It illustrates to participants how to seek consent, how to recognise it and how to identify situations where it can’t be given. Using activities, quizzes and relatable character scenarios, it teaches participants the importance of good communication, clear boundaries and mutual respect.

Within the context of social settings and bystander intervention theory, participants will learn how to recognise difficult situations and possible ways of safely stepping in if others need help.

2. Responding to Disclosure of Sexual Violence

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence is an online course which will ensure all university staff and students can provide an appropriate supportive and consistent response across the University.

This course provides interactive and comprehensive training on the first response to disclosures.

The course empowers staff and students across a wide range of roles and departments to manage this sensitive and complex issue, providing them with the skills to respond appropriately, empathetically and confidently.

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If training raises any upsetting issues for you, please do not hesitate to seek support. At UNE, there are several ways you can seek help. Whichever way you choose to seek help, we are here to listen to your situation and support you. Our specially trained staff and student leaders are to help when you need to talk about difficult situations — they will respond to you with respect and understanding. Staff and students who are here to help include:

Staff Support

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Lifeline (24/7 service): 131114

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