Congratulations to the first graduates of UNE’s bespoke Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice

Published 03 May 2019

The first four students completing the Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice (GCPRP) graduated during the Autumn graduation ceremonies this week.

GCPRP students have the flexibility to choose units from selected undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and assemble them into a tailored graduate certificate with personalised support from the Career Concierge team. It’s ideal for those wanting to make a career shift or take their current career to the next level.

Manager, Career Concierge Team and course coordinator for the GCPRP, Airlie Bell, said that these courses are geared toward adults with some years of professional experience. “These students are passionate, motivated and have clear intentions for their study. Many are looking to enhance their professional skills and update their knowledge in their field.”

“We’re delighted to see our first GCPRP students graduate with their individually-designed graduate certificates,” said Airlie.

The fact that the GCPRP is an accredited AQF Level 8 Award is particularly appealing. It comprises four units – one compulsory unit (DYPP500) and three of the student’s choosing – studied across a 6- or 12-month period.

Upon entering the Graduate Certificate, students discuss their career plans with a member of the Career Concierge team to tailor a program of study specifically to their needs.

One of the graduates,Jodie Bicknell, an accountant, designed her course to meet the Tax Practitioner Board’s educational requirements to obtain her tax agent registration. She found having one-on-one support from Kate Pardy, a certified careers counsellor from the Career Concierge team, invaluable.

“Kate has been amazing in facilitating my studies. She really put my mind at ease and set me on the right track,” said Jodie.

Another graduate, Sarah Thorneycroft’s objectives were different. Sarah had a large amount of orphaned work from an incomplete PhD. The GCPP was an opportunity to gain a credential for it; a credential that reflected her career path, which wasn’t visible in her existing qualifications.

“[At work] I am in a period of transition where we are strategically redefining our roles and identities, and the GCPRP was the catalyst that allowed me to crystallise a lot of this work and understand it in the context of my overall career journey,” she said.

Developing Your Professional Practice (DYPP500), the compulsory unit of study, helps students to clearly identify their specific needs and design a unique output for their course.

Sarah found this particularly beneficial. “Having full autonomy over my study in DYPP500, being able to design my own assessment, was really instrumental in allowing me to succeed.”

UNE’s range of bespoke courses, offered since 2018, offers students the ability to shape their course to their individual career and professional development needs.

“There is definitely an appetite from professionals for tailored courses,” said Airlie. “We’re breaking new ground here at UNE in offering this level of flexibility and personalised support.”

Find out more about the Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice here .