UNE Vice-Chancellor to move on next year

Published 26 September 2018

UNE Vice-Chancellor Professor Annabelle Duncan has announced that she is not seeking to extend her contract when her 5.5 year term ends in August 2019.  Professor Duncan told the University Council of her decision today.

“It has been a privilege to lead the University during this time of upheaval and opportunity in education,” Professor Duncan said.  “Technology is fundamentally changing the way we teach and learn.  At the same time higher education policy in Australia is unsettled.  UNE sees the changes as opportunities and I am confident that it will continue to adapt and prosper in this environment.”

UNE’s Chancellor, James Harris, acknowledged Professor Duncan’s contribution to the University.  “Annabelle’s job when she joined us in 2010 was to improve UNE’s research standing and she did that.  In 2014 the University Council chose her to lead the University.  Annabelle’s strategic plan recognised the important place UNE has in the Australian community, the need to build on its strengths, and the need to transform in some areas to remain a market leader in online education.  She has shown vision and courage in implementing this plan.”

UNE will shortly begin a recruitment process to find its next Vice-Chancellor, with the successful candidate expected to start when Professor Duncan completes her term next year.

“I am grateful to the students and staff at UNE who make this university such a special place.  I have enjoyed my time at UNE”, Professor Duncan said.  “I am looking forward to my next adventure, continuing to promote regional Australia.”