Residential Wellness Week

What is Residential Wellness Week?

UNE Residential Wellness Week is designed so that during the UNE Trimesters you're not just focusing on study, but also focusing on you!

We want to make sure that you are aware of all the resources that UNE has to offer. This will help you stay switched on and healthy year-round.

When is it?

Wellness Week in 2019 will be from Sunday 17- 24 February and is the first week in the UNE 2019 Orientation program. This week is designed to ease the transition into university life for 1st year residential college students, many of whom are leaving home for the first time and may be travelling from other regional, interstate or even overseas destinations. We have designed a fun and informative program (information in the mornings and then activities in the afternoons) which will help connect you to all the support services available at UNE and in Armidale for this new chapter of your life.


Please find an outline of the program for Wellness Week, the week will focus on the education around the Residential System’s three pillars:

  1. Alcohol and Drug Education
  2. Mental Health and Wellbeing
  3. Healthy Relationships

Each college’s Junior Common Room (JCR) will be organising social events for students, so be sure to check in with your own College's JCR once you arrive to find out what they have in store for you!

PDF of Wellness Week Program


Sunday 17th February  - CHECK IN DAY
  • Parents and Carers Q&A Session
  • Colleges will be open from 10am for students to check into and move themselves in. When you arrive at your college, ensure you check in at your college reception with staff and student leaders to receive your keys and room allocation.
Monday 18th February -  MENTAL HEALTH AND WELL BEING
  • Welcome
  • Be a better human
  • Guest Speaker
  • UNE Counselling and Psychology Services
  • IT Support in Colleges
  • Driver Awareness Education
  • UNELife Summer
Wednesday 20th February - ALCOHOL AND DRUG EDUCATION
  • Alcohol and Drug Education
  • Haze Education Session

Thursday 21st February - HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS
  • Brent Saunders - Sexual Harassment and Sexual Crime
Friday 22nd February - COMMUNITY AND WELL BEING
  • Yoga
  • Big Morning BBQ Breakfast
  • Recycling Education

Rest assured, we want you to find your feet at University as soon as possible: we understand it is a big change. We will help you get to know a little bit more about Armidale and how to get around, even if you don’t have a car!!

There will be activities organised for the evenings as well in your respective Colleges so you can get to know those who you will be living with.

We strongly advise that First Years attend Wellness Week! It'll be a fun and exciting week for everyone, you will regret not coming. #unewellnessweek19

UNE Orientation Week runs from 25 February - 3 March 2019

Parents, Partners and Friends - you might find this Information Guide helpful for starting at UNE