Dr Konstantin Pavlov

Adjunct Associate Professor - School of Science and Technology

Konstantin Pavlov


Additional:Leader, X-ray Physics and Imaging Research Group

Associate Professor Pavlov has made significant contributions to the development of novel X-ray imaging techniques using laboratory and synchrotron radiation sources. This experimental research programme has been complemented by theoretical and computational studies of image reconstruction for both diffraction and phase contrast tomography, for which Associate Professor Pavlov has established an international reputation.

In particular, Associate Professor Pavlov has developed a new fundamental physical description of signal formation in X-ray diffraction tomography (XDT). This theoretical work has led to new image reconstruction algorithms and provided the basis for a new tomographic imaging modality based on X-ray diffraction and refraction. Appropriate pioneering experiments on XDT were successfully carried out at the Photon Factory in Japan.

More recently Associate Professor Pavlov has developed, in collaboration with his colleagues from Monash University and CSIRO, several new approaches to phase-contrast X-ray imaging/tomography. Highlights include novel hybrid techniques, which allow phase-retrieval for an attenuating object and combines advantages of analyser-based and propagation-based techniques, limited data phase-contrast tomography and the new variant of Fourier holography, which gives, for the first time, a non-iterative deterministic realisation of direct and unambiguous coherent diffractive imaging.

The recent paper in Physical Review Letters (also featured in Physical Review Focus) opens a new way to extract 3D height information directly from a two-dimensional, plan-view image in photo-emission electron microscopy. Using soft X-ray radiation will allow one to obtain nanoscale resolution with this new technique.

Associate Professor Pavlov also has an international reputation in the field of statistical dynamical X-ray diffraction theory. In a collaborative partnership with Professor V.I. Punegov (Syktyvkar State University, Russia), he developed a new approach to SDXRD for defect-containing multilayer heterostructures and superlattices. This work is pivotal to the new generation of heterostructures utilized in telecommunications and microelectronics.


PhD (Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, St Petersburg, Russia)

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Projects are available in my four main areas of research for students interested in either experimental, computational or theoretical work. Projects can include a mix of theory and experiment, and are available at Honours and Master/PhD level.


Selected publications

The complete list can be found  at:

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Member of Optical Society of America
Member of Australian Institute of Physics