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Study with us and find out how great literature works, discover how literature and society shape each other, learn effective research techniques, and write to persuade, inform and delight.

English has been taught at UNE since the university was founded in 1938. In our units students read a range of creative texts (poems, novels, plays, films, essays) written in English across history. They also study the cultural and political circumstances that give rise to certain forms of creative and popular writing and learn new ways of reading.

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

Majors in English: We offer an undergraduate major in English in the Bachelor of Arts, as well as an Honours program and degrees at Masters and PhD level.

Study on campus in Armidale or fully online in your own home, or abroad.

From the courses below, link to the Course and Unit Catalogue, go to Course Rules and Plans, then scroll down to Program of Study.

Undergraduate courses

Our undergraduate units in English look at books, plays, poetry, fiction and non-fiction written in English from a range of cultures and markets. You'll study texts from American, Australian, British, and Indigenous cultures. You can also study texts from key historical periods, such as the Renaissance
and the Victorian era. And you can gain an understanding of important cultural, theoretical, and social concerns, such as critical theory, Australian literature and children's literature.

Bachelor degrees

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Education (Secondary Arts)

Bachelor of Media and Communications (BMC) — English can also be studied within the BMC  alongside a major in Media and Culture or Writing and Publishing.

Undergraduate diplomas

Advanced Diploma in Arts

Interested in honours? For Bachelor Honours see honours and postgraduate courses.

Honours and postgraduate courses

Study English with honours or at postgraduate levels in coursework or research programs.

Bachelor Honours

Bachelor of Arts with Honours

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Postgraduate coursework

Master of Arts

Postgraduate research

Master of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy

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Our staff

To contact an academic or find a research supervisor, visit the staff site.

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Career options for English graduates

Graduates of English courses have skills in dynamic and flexible thinking, with knowledge to contribute across a large range of careers including:

  • arts administration
  • teaching
  • public relations
  • broadcasting
  • civil service
  • foreign service (diplomacy)
  • policy analysis
  • communications
  • critical and creative writing
  • editing and publishing
  • journalism
  • advertising
  • market research and policy
  • blogging
  • social media management

Partnerships and networks

English staff in our School partner and network with a range of national and international associations.

Further information

For more information about our courses and studying at UNE, please contact AskUNE.