Regional Australia at War

A two-day public conference coinciding with centenary of WW1

Thursday 14th August, 8.15am – 7.00pm 
Friday 15th August, 8.00am – 12.30pm 
Review the program for session times.

A1 Lecture Theatre, Arts Building
The University of New England

As part of New England History Week, 2014, and to coincide with the centenary of the First World War, the University of New England (UNE), Australia, hosted a two-day public conference on 'Regional Australia at War'.

Both academics and members of the public were invited to participate, join in discussions, and present papers that explore the regional Australian experience of war, including both the experiences of service personal in the armed forces and of civilians on the home front.

The first day of the conference featured papers on the broader regional Australian experience of war and will invite contributions from around Australia. The second day of the conference focused exclusively on 'New England at War'.

The focus of the conference was on the First World War, the conference had an intentionally broad scope to encourage public contributions and participation on the broader Australian experience of war throughout conflicts in the past and present.

The conference covered:

  • Regional Australians in the armed forces
  • The role of civilians on the home front
  • Children in regional Australia during wartime
  • Gender and war in regional Australia
  • Community politics during wartime
  • Conscription debates in regional Australia
  • The wartime regional economy
  • Labour movements during wartime
  • Anti-war and peace movements in regional Australia
  • Conscientious objection in regional Australia
  • Commemoration in regional Australia.

For more information please contact Nathan Wise.

The conference was convened by the Heritage Futures Research Centre at the University of New England.