Enrolling in ARTS301 or ARTS302

Research and Professional Practice

The units of study ARTS 301 and ARTS 302 offer students near the end of a major sequence in one of the constituent subject areas within the School an opportunity to pursue in-depth study at an advanced level under supervision on an agreed topic not covered in other undergraduate units. There are no set classes or teaching material provided for this unit. Prior to enrolment being approved by the school, students will be required to negotiate a topic or project with a nominated supervisor and submit a satisfactory formal proposal, in accordance with school guidelines. Approval is dependent on the availability of supervision and resources.


The form of assessment tasks will be determined in consultation with project supervisors and will be equivalent to 5000 words in length.


You will need to complete the Project Proposal Form, which your Supervisor and the Unit Coordinator are required to sign before permission to enrol in the unit is complete.


Students must consult with a member of the Academic Staff about supervision of their project before submitting this form.

Proposal closing dates

The Project Proposal Form should be submitted two weeks before commencement of lectures in each trimester.

Permission to enrol

While the School will advise the Enrolments and Progression team at Student Central of the permissions granted for enrolment in ARTS301 or ARTS302, it is the student's own responsibility to ensure that he/she is correctly enrolled in the unit via Student Central. Notification of approval will come from Enrolments and Progression.

Further Information

For information about ARTS301 and ARTS302 please contact hassacademicteam@une.edu.au