Request for Approval to Enrol in HUMS507 (Minor Research Project)

Prerequisite requirements for enrolment in the unit:

Candidature in a postgraduate award and permission of the Head of School.

Unit Description:

This unit is designed to allow students to undertake an individual research project of interest to them. Students will work with a member of staff to design, conduct and present a minor research project. Students must consult with the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and secure the permission of the Head of School or nominee, prior to enrolment.

MA and MHIST students completing a major in Ancient History, Archaeology, Classics, Classical World Studies, and History are particularly encouraged to consider "Assessing Significance" for a HUMS507 Research Project.

If you require further information, please contact the Academic Coordinator for the School.

Some students will undertake the unit because it offers the flexibility to research and write a piece of work and hence is good practice for those wanting to go on to further research work.

HUMS507 is a 6 credit point unit. It requires a research proposal and a 7,000 word research project. The research project is the only assessable piece of work.

Supervision Acceptance:

Acceptance by a staff member is based upon a variety of factors including but not limited to the following:

  • The availability of appropriate supervision in the proposed topic;
  • The viability of the suggested topic.


Students are required to submit a 1000 word research proposal (not less than THREE weeks prior to the commencement of the trimester they wish to enrol in) containing the following:

A written, cogent, proposal of the topic, which must include a thesis statement, and/or a problem to be solved, and/or a question to be answered, and/or a line of argument to be explored. The proposal should underscore the main thrust of the research, its central issues or questions, and any relevant secondary concerns. The proposal must explain why the research project is important, how it fits with existing scholarship, and how your work will contribute to knowledge in that field. The proposal must also include a preliminary bibliography which enumerates the sources (both primary and secondary) upon which the research will be predicated. What are the sources and in what ways are they relevant to the proposed research topic?


The penultimate draft of the finished product should reach your supervisor at least a month before the due date for submission. This allows time for comments to be made, the research project returned to you and corrections and rewritings completed to meet the deadline. If you wish such feedback then it is up to you to ensure that you submit your drafts in time for your supervisor to make comment and for you to take advantage of that comment.

Submission of the minor research project will be the Monday of the final teaching week of the trimester in which the student is enrolled.

It is important to gain the supervisor’s agreement that the research project is ready for assessment.

Request for Approval to Enrol in HUMS507 (Minor Research Project)

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