Dr Romina Rader

Lecturer in Community Ecology (Plant-Animal Interactions) - School of Environmental and Rural Science

Romina Rader

Phone: +61 02 6773 2857

Email: rrader@une.edu.au

Twitter: @rominatwi


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My research focuses on plant–animal interactions in natural and human-modified landscapes; the impacts of land-use change on biodiversity; how plant and animal functional traits respond to landscape structure, configuration, management and scale; and the provision of ecosystem services by biodiversity.

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Opportunity 1: Wild pollinators in crops

Opportunity 2: Pollinator conservation and ecosystem services

Opportunity 3: Pollinator foraging preferences in orchards using molecular methods

Opportunity 4: Identifying wild insect pollinators using innovative technologies


  • 2011 Doctor of Philosophy (Science): James Cook University, Cairns, Australia. Title: "The provision of pollination ecosystem services to agro-ecosystems by a diverse assemblage of wild, unmanaged insect taxa".
  • 2006 Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, TAFE Queensland, Australia.
  • 2005  Master of Science by Research, James Cook University, Cairns, Australia. Title:  "Vertical distribution, resource and space use in a tropical rainforest small mammal community."
  • 2001 Graduate Diploma in Education (Science), Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.
  • 1998  Bachelor of Environmental Science, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Teaching Areas

  • Ecology
  • Community Ecology
  • Ecosystem Rehabilitation
  • Biology

Research Interests

Rader Community Ecology Lab

Biodiversity, Landscapes and Ecosystem Stewardship

Plant Evolution and Pollination Group


Journal articles

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Book Chapters

Winter, J.W., Whitford, D. and Rader, R. (2008). The tree mouse, Pogonomys sp. In S. Van Dyck and R. Strahan (ed.) The Mammals of Australia. Pp 680-682. Reed New Holland, Sydney.

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Funding Sources

The University of New England

The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Ltd

The Ian Potter Foundation

Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment Biological Industries Research fund, New Zealand