Academic Board Committees

Please note that the committee's of Academic Board are changing, with the transition to the new committees (see below), currently in progress.

Details for the previous Academic Board Committees are outlined below.

  • University Academic Program Committee (UAPC) - now  superseded by the Curriculum Committee of Academic Board
  • University Research Committee (URC) - now  superseded by the Research Committee of Academic Board
    • Graduate Research Subcommittee (GRC) (was a subcommittee of the University Research Committee)
    • Graduate Research Examinations Board (GREB) (was a subcommittee of the Graduate Research Committee)
  • University Teaching and Learning Committee (UTLC) - now  superseded by the Teaching and Learning Committee of Academic Board

For copies of past papers and minutes from the meetings of the committees of Academic Board, Academic Board and committee members can login to Moodle and choose to view "Academic Board Meeting Papers and Reading Room".

If you require assistance finding particular information, please contact