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Key facts

UNE unit code: CLLA102

*You are viewing a unit that is offered in 2021. Unit information may be subject to change prior to commencement of the teaching period.

  • Trimester 2 - On Campus
  • Trimester 2 - Online
  • Armidale Campus
24/7 online support
  • Yes
Intensive schools
Intensive Schools

Intensive schools are either mandatory or voluntary periods of on-site study at our UNE Armidale or Sydney campuses. Please read the unit information for specific details.

  • Yes
Supervised exam
  • Yes
Credit points
  • 6

Unit information

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This unit builds on the work undertaken in CLLA101, and focuses on developing students' ability to read ancient texts. Students must remain in the language strand already selected in CLLA101, either Greek or Latin. By the end of the unit students will have read a considerable amount of selected Greek or Latin texts, improved their command of the language and developed their ability to analyse both English and their chosen Classical Language.


For further information about UNE's teaching periods, please go to Principal Dates.

Teaching period

For further information about UNE's teaching periods, please go to Principal Dates.

Trimester 2On Campus, Armidale Campus
Trimester 2Online

*Offering is subject to availability

Intensive schools

Intensive schools are for students enrolled in Online Mode only, unless specified in the notes.

16 July 202118 July 2021Non-Mandatory Intensive SchoolTrimester 2, OnlineOnly offered if a minimum of three online students from each strand (Latin and Greek) commits to attend.



A pre-requisite is a unit that you must pass before you will be permitted to enrol in a related or subsequent unit. Most pre-requisite units will contain foundation knowledge which is essential for success in later units. Read more.

CLLA101 or GRK101 or LATN101 or equivalent

A restriction describes a unit that you have already successfully completed, which is considered the equivalent to another unit that you are attempting to enrol in. Depending on the units you have completed previously, you may be exempt from completing subsequent restricted units. Read more.

GRK102 for Greek strand or LATN102 for Latin strand


For futher information on the discipline's offerings, please visit the Classics and Ancient History webpage.

Please refer to the student handbook for further details on this unit.

Unit coordinator(s)

Sarah Lawrence

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. apply reading skills to more complex and extended Greek or Latin texts;
  2. independently apply knowledge and skills to provide solutions to questions about an ancient language;
  3. analyse more complex texts using an appropriate metalanguage to complete a range of activities;
  4. communicate information about an ancient language in its social and political context;
  5. demonstrate technical and theoretical knowledge of an ancient language; and
  6. utilise technical and theoretical knowledge to discuss how Greek and Latin can be used by authors to express ideas in a range of contexts.

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