Adjustment Factors

UNE's UNE ATAR Adjustment Scheme adds 5 points to your ATAR, OP (or equivalent), and is for applicants from regional, rural and remote locations Australia-wide. It complements UNE's long-established Early Entry Admissions Scheme for domestic Year 12 and TAFE students.

When you apply to your Tertiary Admission Centre, or directly to UNE for a UNE course, the adjustment will be automatically assigned according to your residential postcode. There is no separate application required.

Rural and Remote eligibility will be assessed according to residential postcode and will reflect the Government's Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) as Inner Regional, Outer Regional, Remote or Very Remote Australia:

ASGC Remoteness Areas
Major Cities Inner Regional Outer RegionalRemote Very Remote

To assist you in determining if you are eligible, please use the Australian Government postcode look-up tool.

The UNE ATAR Adjustment Scheme is not available for the following degrees: