Professor Michael Allen Fox

Adjunct Professor - School of Humanities

Michael Allen Fox

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Michael taught a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in philosophy at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada for 39 years and served for 10 years as Editor of Queen's Quarterly before retiring to Australia in 2005.  He is a citizen of the United States, Canada and Australia, and was first appointed Adjunct Professor at UNE in 2004.  In 1996 he was James Martineau Memorial Lecturer at the University of Tasmania; in 1987 he held a Funded Visiting Fellowship at the Australian National University and was a Visiting Fellow at ANU again in 1995-96.

An eclectic approach to philosophy and a dedication to reaching out to a broad audience are characteristic of Michael's work.

Current research centres on the philosophical foundations of peace, and the concept of "home" in everyday life, in the world of imagination, and in philosophy.


BA (Hons) (Cornell), M.A. & Ph.D. (Toronto)

Research Interests

Nineteenth-century European philosophy, existentialism, environmental philosophy, animal ethics, philosophy of peace.



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Chapters in Books (21 total) – recent examples

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Articles in Refereed Journals (44 total) – recent examples

"Childhood and the Environment in The Little Prince."  (Co-authored with Elizabeth Hale.)  Dalhousie Review, 93 (2013): 289-303.

"Thinking About Peace Today." Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 38 (2011): 15-36.

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"Why We Should Be Vegetarians."  International Journal of Applied Philosophy, 20 (2006): 295-310.

"'Boundless Compassion': The Contemporary Relevance of Schopenhauer's Ethics." The European Legacy, 11 (2006): 369-387.

In addition, Michael has published articles in Animal Law, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Dialogue, Ecosystem Health, Environmental Ethics, Ethics, Metaphilosophy, Organization and Environment, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, South Atlantic Quarterly, and numerous other journals.  He has also published 7 papers in refereed conference proceedings, 2 technical reports, 31 miscellaneous popular articles and over 51 book reviews.


Michael has delivered more than 80 invited and submitted (refereed) papers and talks on a wide variety of topics in the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, and Taiwan.