Applying for animal ethics approval

All staff, students, and external researchers seeking to conduct research involving animals at the University of New England are required to receive approval from the Animal Ethics Committee prior to beginning the research. 

Please note that applications on the old forms will not be accepted. We advise that you download the forms each time you need them because updates to the documents/forms are made regularly.

Guidelines on how to apply for ethics approval

Complete your application form for ethics approval

Your completed application form for ethics approval must be sent to the Animal Ethics Committee.

A sample of a completed application form will be available soon as a guide to work from.

Monitoring sheets

Daily Record of Care

Intensive Observation Monitoring Sheet - refer to question B9 on the application form.

Anesthetic/Surgical Monitoring Sheet - refer to question B9 on the application form.

Unexpected Adverse Event and Post Mortem Reports

Unexpected Adverse Event Report - to be completed and submitted to within 24 hours of the event

Post-mortem Report Template - to be completed and submitted to within 2 weeks of the death

Sample Information Sheet and Consent Form

These templates must be submitted with applications where the researchers are using privately owned animals.  Please modify these forms so that they align with your project.  They are samples only giving you a starting point and information that must be given to the animals owners.

Information Sheet for Owners of Privately Owned Animals Used in Research

Consent Form

Animal Ethics Course

Animal Ethics Course Requirements

If you have successfully completed either ANPR321 or ANSC304 (or a similar unit at another university) please attach a copy of your transcript to your application. You will then be issued with an Animal Ethics course number by the Ethics Officer.

If you have not completed the UNE’s Animal Ethics Course then you will need to do one of the following:

  • Copy and paste this table into an email, complete all the sections within the table and email it to  The Ethics Office will book you into the course on one of your preferred date (providing that they are not already taken) and confirm this via return email.
  • If you have completed an Animal Ethics Course at another university or institution please attach a copy of this to your application and if it is deemed to be acceptable you will be issued with an Animal Ethics Number.


  • If you feel that you have relevant experience please complete a statutory declaration indicating what experience you have had handling animals in relation to the research that you will be undertaking.

After your research is underway

During the course of your research, you may have the need to amend your approved animal ethics application. This should be done using a Variation Form.

This paragraph explains when to submit a Progress, Final or Breeding Colony report to the AEC in relation to your approved ethics application. If your research has been approved for more than 1 year you will need to complete a Progress report annually. Otherwise a Final report must be submitted once the data collection phase has been completed. If you are the holder of a breeding /colony Authority you will need to complete a Breeding Colony report annually as well.

Variation form

Variation Form

If you need to request an extension of time, an amendment to your project, the addition of staff or students to the protocol or any other variation to your already approved application please complete and submit the Variation Form.

Progress, Final and Breeding Colony Reports

Progress Report — submitted if you received approval for research that runs for more than 12 months or you have requested and extension of time which will mean your project has be going for 12 months or more. A Progress Report must be completed every 12 months and submitted to the Animal Ethics Committee (AEC). A progress report cannot be used to request an extension of time. This must be done using a Variation form.

Final Report — must be completed once you have completed your data collection and submitted to the AEC.

Breeding Colony Maintenance Report — must be completed annually and submitted to the AEC.


Applications for ethics approval must reach Research Services by 12.00 noon on the nominated closing date for discussion at the next committee meeting.

Signatures can be signed electronically, or signed by hand.

Email all applications and any supporting documents (in colour) to:

Human Ethics: